Samsung investigates broken Galaxy Fold

Thursday, 25 Apr, 2019

In a flood of first-person reports that came through yesterday, it was discovered that the flexible displays on the Galaxy Fold were breaking prematurely.

Samsung is in a world of trouble after reports surfaced saying the company's foldable Galaxy Fold might have a screen problem. It will be hoping that it doesn't have to recall every unit like it did with the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung is yet to comment publicly on the reports, but the timing is not helpful.

He added that the device seemed to have a defective hinge, causing the screen to become "distorted" with a slight swelling that can be felt when you run your finger over it.

Reviewers of the latest and greatest smartphone from Samsung Electronics have reported some display problems with the handset.

"We will thoroughly inspect these determine the cause of the matter", Samsung said in a statement.

The thing is that Samsung actually has a "wrap" over the screen on the Galaxy Fold that warns: "The main screen includes a special protective layer". Removing the protective layer or adding adhesives to the main screen may cause damage. Needless to say, news of display failures among reviewers, self-inflicted or otherwise, will be concerning for those coughing up $US1980 for the Galaxy Fold.

Samsung's DJ Koh at the launch even for the Galxy Fold and Galaxy S10. It's a few devices from a very limited number of units out in the wild.

Notably, every case in which a Fold was damaged or stopped working was different. Since then, multiple publications and reviewers have reported issues with the device. Are they durable enough? Some units are reportedly breaking without clear causes. Will the screen show any wear and tear markings? When asked what he did to break it, he responded that all he did was unfold the phone like he was supposed to.

However, Gurman says he removed the protective layer, which Samsung says you're not supposed to - although it seems like it was a genuine error.

Prior to its release, Samsung reportedly tested the phone's folding mechanism more than 200,000 times and they claimed it passed the threshold for durability. And I still think that. In fact, this reviewer believes the problem may be down to debris getting into the hinge mechanism.

But if you have $2,000 burning a hole in your pocket, you'd be served better by a different phone, and there are plenty of expensive ones out there to choose from.

Others experience what could be described as dead spots, flashing screens, and bulges in the place where the screens should fold.