Brendon Urie to open Billboard Music Awards with Taylor Swift

Saturday, 27 Apr, 2019

The jubilant, self-affirming track, a duet with Panic!

For her latest hit (that is sure to cruise to the top of the Hot 100), she enlists the services of Brendon Urie of Panic!

Artist Kelsey Montague told News 2 she wanted to freshen up the paint of the mural for the first day of the NFL Draft in Nashville. Following multiple months of speculation and a careful trail of breadcrumbs, Swift just released her new song and its rainbow-hued, fantastical accompanying music video on Friday.

Rather, a lot of fans think the song might be a nudge that she's engaged. The old Swift is back to answer your calls, it seems.

Swift wrote that the "hate campaign" affected her deeply, but added that she took control of the bullying when she brought a 63-foot cobra named Karyn on her sold-out Reputation Stadium Tour in 2018. If you can't make it, don't worry- We'll be updating this post with a video embed of the music video as soon as it drops!

Before her official interview, Swift admitted that she was crying in the greenroom backstage over this emotional release. "I feel like I'm working so hard on stage, she looks like she's at 5 percent but somehow giving her all".

Fans reckon they have figured out just what her big news is - well, kind of.

After she turned up to say hi, Swift's fans shared snaps of the meeting in droves.

Taylor Swift has released a new song, and it's a banger.

Well, fans are certainly "owning it" - and more.

Selena Gomez hinted at Taylor Swift's 'Me!' in 2017. There's no telling exactly what exactly this era will bring for Swift and her legion of fans, but one thing's for sure: Positivity, acceptance, support, creativity and handsome music will all play roles in it.