Accurate Fan Reactions To Taylor Swift's 'ME!' Music Video

Monday, 29 Apr, 2019

With the recent release of "Me!" by Taylor Swift, it is no surprise that her fans have set a whole new collection of records for the singer.

Taylor is likely to chat with the radio station when she releases her new album, or announces an upcoming Australian tour. At The Disco lead singer Brendon Urie. Is this Taylor's way of saying that her new album is a complete transformation from the reputation album era? Here's your guide to the Taylor Swift "ME!" references you might have missed in the new music and video so far. The feeling of your heart racing in your chest with excitement-so much so that by the time you get to "Love Story", all you want to do is pick up your phone and text every person you know to say how much you love them.

And she made sure we knew it by beginning her latest music video with the explosion of the snake that marked her last album, "Reputation", into a flurry of butterflies. At the Disco, is also the biggest 24-hour debut for any Taylor Swift video. After a few months of introducing a carefully-curated new aesthetic of pastels, sparkles, rainbows and sequins - on her social media, in her sartorial statements and even on magazine covers - Swift has finally showed us just where her work was going with all those cryptic hints at the next phase.

Jackie captioned the video on her Instagram with: 'So cute!

Interested in Taylor Swift? They recently had a hit with "High Hopes", which reached Number Four on the Hot 100, and went higher than their breakthrough single, "I Write Sins Not Tragedies". "So it's the fans", Swift continued.

Taylor makes anyone older feel young again and anyone young feel they can do anything.

Taylor wears seven outfits in the music video and, in one scene, she's surrounded by seven different coloured suitcases.

Tumblr is one of Swift's top three inspirations (along with Paul McCartney and cats), she told Time in an interview.