Trump retweets some 60 anti-Biden tweets responding to firefighter union endorsement

Thursday, 02 May, 2019

Biden's strong polls numbers suggest that while the progressive wing might be more active, it may not be the majority of the Democratic rank-and-file.

"The Dues Sucking firefighters leadership will always support Democrats, even though the membership wants me", he tweeted Monday.

At a Buttigieg event in Des Moines, Iowa, Davis Chambers, 31, said his top priority was finding a candidate who could beat Republican President Donald Trump in the November 2020 election.

"Trump thinks you should be honored because you're are a good general, no matter what side you fought on", Colbert noted.

Trump used his veto for only the second time to strike down the resolution.

After officially announcing last week, Biden jumped to a commanding lead in the Democratic primary polls.

"We have to stop this administration's efforts to gut it", he said.

"24 years plus firefighter here, & there's no chance Biden is my choice", one user tweeted. "The President has his base", Biden said. Among the policies Biden touted: a "public option" that would allow anyone to buy into Medicare; a $15-an-hour minimum wage; eliminating capital gains tax loopholes; and increasing funding for medical research and post-secondary job training. "The allegations that are made so far. are not inconsistent with the way the kingdom would act". Sanders is at 20 percent here, followed by Sen.

Before his rally Monday afternoon, Biden responded on Twitter. "That is why I am supporting Biden already". "I voted against the war in Iraq, he voted for it".

Numerous users Trump retweeted purported to be firefighters responding to a tweet from a conservative radio show host who supported the president or criticized the union's endorsement of Biden, though it's unclear if each response came from legitimate accounts and not Twitter bots, which are known to interact in political discourse. The U.S. Constitution mandates presidents be at least 35.

By framing his campaign as a movement to restore USA credibility and respect around the world, Biden can avoid (for now) getting caught up in the internal Democratic Party battle over foreign policy, which is being waged in Congress over tricky issues such as Israel, Syria and China.

"I don't want (candidates) to be too inexperienced, but I don't want them to be old because then there is a possibility they might die in office", she added.

One of the most right-wing figures among union officials, with close connections to the military-intelligence apparatus, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, issued a statement praising Biden, although she stopped short of a formal endorsement.