Pressure Grows on Attorney General Barr Over Mueller

Sunday, 05 May, 2019

The attorney general missed an initial subpoena deadline to turn over the Mueller material on Wednesday and skipped a hearing before Nadler's committee on Thursday after Democrats adopted an aggressive format that would have subjected Barr to questions from staff attorneys. Mueller also said that he expressed those concerns on March 25, the day after Barr chose to release his own letter.

Conway, however, declined to answer, and noted that she was not "under oath" to tell the truth as Barr had been. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., on Friday sent a letter to the Department of Justice's inspector general demanding he investigates whether the White House had urged Attorney General William Barr to investigate President Trump's political opponents. "That's up to the attorney-general, who I think has done a fantastic job".

At a hearing on April 9, Republican Charlie Crist asked Mr Barr about reports that members of Mr Mueller's team believed he had failed to adequately portray their findings in a four-page memo released before the full report.

"By deceiving Congress and the American people, who vested their trust in both the Office of the Attorney General and the Department of Justice at large, Attorney General Barr must be subject to a professional review for the sake of the legal profession and the public", the lawmakers said.

Trump, his children and their family real estate company swiftly responded, seeking a preliminary injunction that would stop the banks from complying with the subpoenas while the lawsuit is underway. It also described attempts by Trump to obstruct Mueller's probe, but did not say whether Trump had committed a crime.

The top House Judiciary Committee Democrat has delivered a final warning to Attorney General William Barr to comply with a subpoena for the full Mueller report and its underlying evidence or else face contempt of Congress proceedings.

"The president of the United States wants desperately to prevent Congress - a coequal branch of government - from providing any check whatsoever to even his most reckless decisions", Nadler said.

Ms Pelosi also said the administration's refusal to respect subpoenas by a House committee is "very, very serious" and noted that ignoring congressional subpoenas was one of the articles of impeachment against former President Richard Nixon.

"I'm trying to grapple with the word 'suggest.' I mean, there have been discussions of, of matters out there that, uh-they have not asked me to open an investigation", Barr said. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) declared "it's over" and said he had no plans to invite Special Counsel Robert Mueller to testify.

"When you say bring him in, do you actually support the idea of putting him in-are you talking about just having him sit for a hearing or locking him up somehow?"

"The Committee is prepared to make every realistic effort to reach an accommodation with the [Justice] Department", Nadler told Barr in a letter.

I think we all got an education from Barr's testimony. Others, including numerous 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls, have called on him to resign. On Friday, he offered to let Mr. Mueller provide testimony "if you would like" as to whether he felt Mr. Barr misrepresented Mr. Mueller's views at the Senate hearing. It's not locked in, but Barr has said publicly that he has no objection to that.