Israel and Gaza militants agree to cease-fire after weekend of violence

Wednesday, 08 May, 2019

The latest round of fighting erupted three days ago, peaking on Sunday when rockets and missiles from Gaza killed four civilians in Israel, and Israeli strikes killed 19 Palestinians, more than half of them civilians.

The visit by Netanyahu comes after an intense weekend of fighting between Israel and Palestinian terrorist groups Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip.

President Trump tweeted out United States backing for Israel, saying: "We support Israel 100 percent in its defense of its citizens".

"End the violence and work towards peace - it can happen!"

Qatar has said it will send $480 million to Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip after a ceasefire deal ended the deadliest fighting between Israel and Palestinian factions since the 2014 war.

We don't know the exact target of the cyberattack, but The Times of Israel reports that its objective was to harm "the quality of life of Israeli citizens". Palestinian health officials in Gaza said 25 people died as Israel responded with airstrikes that brought buildings in the densely populated strip tumbling down.

The escalation began Saturday with massive rocket fire from Gaza, drawing waves of Israeli retaliatory strikes, and continued throughout Sunday.

Hours after an Egypt-brokered ceasefire deal was reached in Gaza, the Israeli military on Monday lifted protective restrictions on residents in the southern part of the country - but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that "the campaign is not over".

Palestinian medical officials reported 23 deaths, including at least nine militants as well as two pregnant women and two babies.

Parliament member Gideon Sa'ar, a political rival of Netanyahu, said the terms of the agreement hold little to no benefit for Israel and will not deter future violence.

Relatives mourn during the funeral of five Palestinians, who were killed in Israeli strikes the previous day, in Beit Lahia, in northern Gaza strip, May 6, 2019. It commemorates its memorial and independence days this week, and militants had vowed to ruin the Eurovision song contest in Tel Aviv in mid-May.

Israel, for its part, will facilitate the money transfer to Ramallah and the suitcases of cash to Gaza City (banks are prohibited from handling money transfers to Hamas because it is on the U.S. list of terror organizations). "They spend $7 billion a year on terrorism whether it's Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, or also Hamas in Gaza".