Did Prince Harry hint at Archie Harrison's name months ago

Saturday, 11 May, 2019

And of course, we couldn't help but delve deeper into it.

The name "Archie" is now trending in the Number 1 spot on social media worldwide.

The cat itself, in turn, was named after the title character in the United States comic Archie, which Meghan used to collect together with her Father Thomas, 74, with whom she had a very close relationship in her early years.

If baby Archie was in fact born two weeks ago, that would place his birthdate right around Easter Sunday on April 21: a service from which Meghan was mysteriously absent.

"Archie is a lovely name, but the fact that they've chosen to call him Mountbatten-Windsor".

The name is popular in both the United Kingdom and America, ranking at 13 and 70 respectively, and has been passed down in the Markle family before, Mr Markle having an estranged son who shares his name.

"This is a most unusual choice but I am not surprised".

Volunteers have been trained for months to work with Shout and the royals are encouraging more people to step up and apply to become a Shout crisis volunteer.

Harry - who walked out carrying his son - joked, "I wonder who he gets that from".

This one's quite literal.

Not only did they skip the Prince and Royal Highness titles, it seems Archie won't take on the honorary title Earl of Dumbarton. So, they think they had a hint about the royal baby's name all along. The House of Windsor is the reigning royal house of the United Kingdom and the rest of the Commonwealth.

Harry and Meghan revealed their son's name in a very modern way - on Instagram - but did not share any details of the meaning behind the name. It's not a family name, so. But their modern aunt and uncle opted not to do that. And a daughter named Charlotte, New Zealand's Newshub reports.

Born on Monday at 5.26am, at the exact moment of sunrise, the royal baby, seventh in line to the throne, is a happy Taurean. That title though is not a royal designation, but rather a British custom. According to Brookes, Princess Anne's decision was exclusively based on her desire to give her two children normal lives.

And in an example of normalcy, when Archie goes to school, he hypothetically would be just Archie Mountbatten-Windsor.