Paint it black: Android Auto gains dark mode and new UI

Saturday, 11 May, 2019

Google Camera app on the phones comes with a new Time-lapse mode.

Google-parent Alphabet reported slowing growth in advertising sales in this year's first quarter, disappointing investors who sent shares sharply lower. Such videos are a fun way of recording moments.

Revealed ahead of Google's I/O conference, taking place from today through to Thursday, the phone-based in-car infotainment system will receive the update in the summer - aimed at streamlining the software's functionality.

Citing the example of federated learning, the company said this new approach allows developers to train artificial intelligence models without the user data leaving the device, while allowing it to do more with less data. Google has now also outlined the changes aimed at enhancing the security of the devices running the new OS, as well as the data residing on or traveling to and from them.

Google says more than 7,000 developers will probably attend. I/O has also become a stage to announce new customer products.

It aims to free users from manually filling out forms on websites, Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai told the several thousand conference attendees. The latest update brings the Google Camera app to version 6.2.030. There was heavy speculation that Android Q will have just one pill-shaped button at the centre with nothing on the sides, however, Google has just confirmed it might not be the case.

The new privacy control called "Incognito" is being offered by Google as tech companies face intensifying scrutiny over the amount of user information they collect and sell for advertising.

Starting at $399, the Pixel 3a could help the company reverse flagging sales of more premium phones.

Google is retiring the Home name and shifting to the Nest brand best known for its line of internet-connected thermostats and cameras.

Last year Google was fined €4.34bn (£3.8bn) by the European Union for abusing its control of the operating system by forcing vendors to pre-install its apps. Voice-activated devices like Amazon's Alexa record and save users' every command sometimes even unprompted, as reported by The Washington Post. What's more, the new Pixels feature the incredible Call Screen technology, which can answer suspicious calls, talk to the person on the other end, and let you know whether it's legit.