US Warns Companies Doing Business with Venezuela and Cuba

Wednesday, 15 May, 2019

The newspaper also said Trump is not comfortable with increased escalation in Venezuela, due to the risk it poses in creating a proxy fight with Russian Federation, which arms Maduro's government. "Either we are prisoners of fear, hopelessness and inaction... or else we continue to fill the streets with hope, with power, with confidence".

The 35-year-old called for a national demonstration on Saturday to reject measures taken by the Supreme Court against opposition lawmakers.

Zambrano said on Twitter that SEBIN agents had surrounded his vehicle by the headquarters of his Democratic Action party in Caracas' La Florida district.

Three other lawmakers have sought refuge in various diplomatic facilities in Caracas, while one fled to neighboring Colombia.

During a televised speech on Friday, Maduro unleashed an attack on General Manuel Ricardo Cristopher Figuera, former director general of Venezuela's National Intelligence Service (SEBIN), who defected from Maduro's side in the wake of the failed military coup on April, 30.

Mr Zambrano's detention marked the first arrest of a politician opposing Mr Maduro since Mr Guaido tried to spark a military uprising on April 30 to bring down the socialist Government.

For its part, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) rejectedFaller's statements and Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez invitedhim to visit Venezuela.

Members of the Venezuelan opposition overseas are calling for the worldwide community to condemn the arrest of a top lawmaker in the crisis-wracked nation.

"The National Assembly was elected by popular vote".

Things are under (Maduro's) control, the government seems to be saying.

Guaido, who has been trying to oust President Nicolas Maduro, said Edgar Zambrano had been "kidnapped" with the U.S. warned of "consequences" if he is not released.

The designated targets of Friday's sanctions are two shipping companies and two vessels registered under them, which transported oil from Venezuela to Cuba, according to a statement issued by the Treasury Department.

Guaido told an Italian newspaper he would "probably" accept a USA military intervention if the U.S. proposed it.

"We have instructed our ambassador Carlos Vecchio to meet immediately with the Southern Command and its admiral to establish direct relationship for cooperation", Guaido said. Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino separately said on Saturday a U.S. coast guard ship had entered Venezuelan territorial waters, which he said "we will not accept".

The leader said he's asked Carlos Vecchio, who the USA recognizes as Venezuela's ambassador, to open "direct communications" toward possible military "coordination". "We demand that the American military authorities respect waters in our jurisdiction".