What Is the Meaning of Varys' Rings on Game of Thrones?

Wednesday, 15 May, 2019

"It's in that moment, on the walls of King's Landing, where she's looking at that symbol of everything that was taken from her, that she takes the decision to make this personal".

Among those feeling most horrified as they watched Daenerys Targaryen's mass-murderous turn in this week's Game of Thrones episode were surely some of the parents who had named their daughters after the dragon queen.

Jaime, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, lost his hand in season three when he was held prisoner by Hunter Locke. The good news for all of us who have been watching this show for almost a decade (and the cast members that can finally move on with their lives) is that the season and series will end, once and for all, this coming Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

Speaking about why his "death" went down the way it did, Asbaek said: "When we did the throne room scene (in Season 7) where Euron is in front of Cersei and goes like, 'I always wanted to grow up to marry the most handsome woman in the world". She could "break the wheel", as the character has said. Episode one, Winterfell, has a 92% score; episode 2, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms scored 88% score; episode three, The Long Night has scored 75%, which was eclipsed by The Last of the Starks' 57% score, and then by The Bells. Homer responds, "I love our life".

The young woman began the series as a scared child who grew into a strong leader, but there was always one problem people failed to consider: she might inherit the same madness that caused her father, Aerys Targaryen, to almost burn all of King's Landing to the ground.

"If circumstances had been different I don't think this side of Dany would have ever come out". And despite Cersei's on-screen image, her death sure seems like the end of an era on GoT. "The Bells", the fifth episode of Thrones' six-episode final season, has become the highest-rated episode in the show's history.

Once Tyrion told Dany of Varys's motives and she made it clear that she would be sentencing him to death, he had a final scene in his chambers before being sentenced to die.

'What girl hasn't overreacted when they see their whole world crumbling around them?' she said. I wanted them to live happily ever after'.