Trump slams Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib for comments on the Holocaust

Thursday, 16 May, 2019

In the podcast, Rep. Tlaib, who represents a districts in Detroit, said that she "love [d] the fact" that "in many ways" it was her ancestors who provided "a safe haven for Jews post-the-Holocaust".

CNN anchor John King corrected Rep. Rashida Tlaib on the air Monday after comments on a podcast where she said that the memory of the Holocaust left her with a "calming feeling", and that her Palestinian ancestors created a "safe haven" for Jewish people fleeing World War II. "But they did it in a way that took their human dignity away, and it was forced on them".

On Monday, President Trump said her comments were "horrible and highly insensitive" and demonstrated a "tremendous hatred of Israel and the Jewish people".

US Congresswoman and lawyer Rashida Tlaib is standing by her comments on Israel and the Holocaust after drawing intense criticism, accusing her detractors of purposefully "policing my words, twisting [and] turning them to ignite vile attacks". "Rashida Tlaib says thinking of the Holocaust provides her a 'calming feeling, '" Cheney tweeted.

"Once again, Republican leaders and right-wing extremists are spreading outright lies to incite hate", Denzel McCampbell, a spokesman for the Michigan Democrat, said in a statement Monday, highlighting comments from Wyoming Rep. Tlaib didn't even say anything about those expulsions being carried out by "Jewish refugees" as Cheney claims.

Among other critics was Republican congresswoman Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, who accused Tlaib of "anti-Semitism" and trying to "delegitimise the state of Israel".

Jonathan Chait, a NY magazine columnist who is pro-Israel and often finds fault with the Democrats' left wing, said Tlaib's comment was innocuous.

This is not the first time the freshman Democrat has come under fire her comments on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

She claimed that being raised in an oppressed, segregated city is the "lens" she brings to her support of the Palestinian-backed one-state solution.

The hysterical reaction to Tlaib's comments also highlights how the American right is in thrall to mythologies about the state of Israel that were debunked 30 years ago by Israel's own historians - bedtime stories that serve to absolve Israelis of any responsibility for the plight of the Palestinians and to excuse America's complicity. "More than six million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust; there is nothing "calming" about that fact".

Republicans in Congress interpreted Tlaib's remarks to suggest that it was the Holocaust itself, and not the subsequent refuge Jews found in Palestine, that soothed Tlaib.

That's why she's doubled down on her Holocaust comments instead of issuing an apology or trying to clarify what she means.

One aspect of this narrative, best articulated in Columbia University historian Rashid Khalidi's book, "Iron Cage", is the notion that Palestinians were wrong to have accommodated Jews in the decades leading up to the 1948 Arab-Israeli War-what the Palestinians call al nakba, the "catastrophe"-and that they should have fought them instead. You should take some time to learn the history before trying to rewrite it", Danon said on Twitter". She is traveling to the region in August on a junket sponsored by the Humpty Dumpty Institute; in a flyer distributed by her office, Tlaib asks her colleagues to join her on a "congressional delegation to occupied territories in Palestine".

"I think most fourth graders know what the Holocaust was, and she apparently doesn't", Cheney added, before directing the Fox audience to read this article in the New York Post upending Tlaib's narrative about her ancestors.