Former ‘Twilight Saga’ star Robert Pattinson to be the next Batman

Saturday, 18 May, 2019

Robert Pattinson is reportedly in negotiations to play Batman in Matt Reeves' forthcoming film. The actor is now in negotiations but according to the source, it's nearly a done deal as Pattinson was cast by Reeves even when the director was working on the script. Nicholas Hoult - who stars in both Tolkien and the film Dark Phoenix - is also on the short list for The Batman lead.

THR says Pattison is the top contender and that it is not clear if an offer is on the table.

With Ben Affleck leaving the cape and cowl behind after "Batman v. Superman" and "Justice League", Robert Pattinson could be the next Batman.

A report Thursday that Robert Pattinson could take on the role of Batman has some crying, "Holy miscast!"

While everyone was flipping their lids over this, no one thought to ask who Pattman would be fighting in his adventure to be directed by Matt Reeves.

"It's very much a point of view-driven, noir Batman tale", Reeves said of his take on the next Batman film in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in January.

Petitions have already been created calling for Pattinson to be replaced before he is even officially cast in the movie. At 32, Pattinson will be the youngest actor to ever play Batman on the big screen. Warner Bros Studios who have the rights are yet to make an announcement for the same.

Warner Bros. will release The Batman on June 24, 2021.

Twitter also has some opinions and, surprisingly, majority are positive.

How do you feel about Robert Pattinson as the next Batman?

Do you think Robert Pattinson would pull off the iconic DC superhero? Pattinson has become one of the most exciting actors working today thanks to collaborations with such beloved auteurs as David Cronenberg and Claire Denis. But we can only wait and see. He starred in the fantastic Good Time in 2017 and is featured in a number of upcoming movies including Robert Eggers fantasy horror film The Lighthouse.

The Batman, which Ben Affleck was originally slated to appear in and direct, is expected to go into pre-production this summer. Let us know down in the comments.