Trump Immigration Plan Favors Job Skills Over Asylum Claims and Family Ties

Saturday, 18 May, 2019

The president admitted that the plan would be unlikely to pass the House until at least 2020, when he said it could "flip" back to a Republican majority, but Republicans have also indicated that they're not on board.

The latest effort was spearheaded by Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, but Trump said law enforcement professionals also had a large say. But those talks collapsed over White House demands to curb legal immigration and a dramatic Senate showdown in which lawmakers rejected three rival proposals that aligned with the "four pillars" immigration plan Trump unveiled that year.

Trump boasted his measure was not drafted by politicians, but instead utilized input from law enforcement professionals to make the United States southern border "100% operationally secure". Put differently, in the absence of any immigration the US population and economy will shrink, limiting the ability of the nation to defend itself and project our values around the globe.

A bipartisan immigration deal hammered out a year ago failed after Trump refused to back it.

She said the overhaul moves the USA immigration system toward those implemented in countries like Australia, Canada and others the country competes with for high-skilled workers.

Donald Trump is all set to propose a new immigration system that would favour people with high skills and qualifications, for a green card.

"We want immigrants coming in".

According to the US President, Americans with criminal records are getting a second chance at life in higher numbers than ever before.

The president declared an emergency to bypass Congress and unlock billions of dollars in funding for his controversial wall project, and has also deployed troops to the border with Mexico.

Yet Mr. Trump's plan does not deal with future foreign guest workers, nor does it address any of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants already in the USA who are clamoring for legal status.

Trump, who's rolling out his plan later Thursday, has dismayed Democrats by trying to end the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. While potentially more detailed, this proposal is less comprehensive than previous offers by Trump and his administration. Under Trump's proposal, the White House says almost 60% would enter due to employment and skill.

Sanders tells reporters that "every single time that we have put forward or anyone else has put forward any type of immigration plan that has included DACA it's failed". It's a divisive thing.

I will fight this proposal, and any plan that doesn't treat immigrants with fairness, mercy, and dignity.

DACA has actually registered strong bipartisan support among voters.

"It doesn't address a pathway to citizenship or DACA recipients - that's just one example".

"I don't think it's created to get Democratic support as much as it is to unify the Republican Party around border security, a negotiating position", said Sen.

Immigrants would have to demonstrate professional skills, English language proficiency and pass a U.S. civics test, according to media previews of the proposal.

Graham, who attended Thursday's announcement, was involved in the last major bipartisan effort to overhaul immigration in 2013. But despite stiff enforcement measures, one crucial faction - the immigration hard-liners who helped Trump get elected - is already wary about whether they want to remain in the inner circle if this is the starting point. Democrats already criticizing it, and some Republicans have reservations as well. Immigration hardliners on the right are upset it doesn't include a reduction in overall immigration levels.

"This bill will only get worse".

"To say that this plan's application criteria are 'merit-based, '" she added, "is the height of condescension". "Is it an actual legislative vehicle or is it a campaign statement?"

"No matter where in the world you're born, no matter who your relatives are, if you want to become an American citizen, it will be clear exactly what standard we ask you to achieve", he said.

This also explains the decision not to cut the level of legal immigration, I think.