Venezuela Govt Talking With Opposition in Norway

Monday, 20 May, 2019

A senior US administration official, who asked not to be named, said the only topic for discussion in talks should be Maduro's departure and a transition to a new democratically elected government. But the USA and more than 50 other countries say Maduro's recent reelection was fraudulent and are backing congressional leader Juan Guaido's claim to the presidency.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro tacitly pointed to bilateral talks in Oslo in his televised remarks on Wednesday, saying that Rodriguez was "completing a very important mission overseas", without giving more details.

The Venezuelan opposition has rejected that possibility in the past, accusing Maduro of using talks as a distraction as he consolidated his power.

Norway confirmed Friday it was trying to mediate a solution to Venezuela's political crisis, after opposition leader Juan Guaido said he sent delegates to Oslo but denied talks were underway with President Nicolas Maduro's government.

Wieland said Code Pink received a phone call from one of the activists inside the Embassy, Kevin Zeese, who told them that the police were breaking into the building.

The South American nation has descended into chaos in recent months, with a flareup in recent weeks as a USA -backed politician, Juan Guaido, made a bid to oust current leader Nicolas Maduro. Mr.

Norway's Foreign Ministry said in March that it was ready to act as a mediator or facilitator of talks between the Venezuelan government and opposition.

On April 30, Guaido issued a video message in which he appeared alongside a small contingent of uniformed military personnel and armored vehicles. "Unfortunately, there's also an opposition that is warmongering, terrorist and fascist. simply puppets of the USA empire". But many sectors of the opposition remain skeptical, arguing that Maduro has in the past used dialogue as a stalling tactic to maintain his grip on power as living standards steadily declined in the oil-rich nation.

It said negotiations have also taken place in Cuba. But he said Information Minister Jorge Rodríguez was on a "very important" mission outside Venezuela.

Speaking to reporters in Caracas, Guaido confirmed reports that National Assembly vice president Stalin Gonzalez and former lawmaker Gerardo Blyde represented the opposition in Norway.

Norway's Foreign Ministry said its norm was not to comment on possible roles in ongoing or potential peace talks. Freeland's office said the objective of the visit is "to discuss the deteriorating situation" in Venezuela, an ally of Cuba, as well as USA sanctions on Cuba.

Norway has a tradition of conflict mediation, including assistance with Colombia's 2016 peace deal between the government and FARC rebels.