The first Epic Store sale offers monster discounts, some games removed

Tuesday, 21 May, 2019

One of them also happens to still be in its pre-order phase, but its publisher has said that it will be back on the Epic Games Store soon, with no indication as to when that will be. "Any purchases made while the game was discounted during the Epic Mega Sale will be honoured and no Masquerade violations will be assessed".

Epic Games accidentally announced their Mega Sale earlier in the week. If the company is greedy, then this is just the flawless solution - there is a discount, sales have increased, but the store pays a discount.

The first is Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2, the much-anticipated sequel from Paradox Interactive. This hasn't stopped Epic Games Store boss Sergey Galyonskin from showcasing his displeasure at the actions of partnering companies. That encompasses upcoming games like Borderlands 3, one of its biggest exclusives, which you can now pre-order for $50, and the recently announced John Wick game, John Wick Hex, which you can pre-order for $8 instead of $20.

This actually means that Borderlands 3, Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 and Oxygen Not Included have all been deleted from the Epic Mega Sale.

Since launch, we've released a free game every two weeks in the Epic Games store.

I get folks have issues with Epic's store. While Epic is taking the hit with regard to its own profits for that deal, it is creating a scenario where the publishers can not compete on other platforms for the same games (Bloodlines 2 is not an Epic exclusive).

And there have been unfortunate cases where due to regional price differences, a U.S. game might have been discounted, but the United Kingdom spin wasn't, again causing some animosity amongst potential buyers. I guess it depends on who you ask. "If players have purchased either during the period when the discount did apply at the time of check out, Epic will honor that price". It still lacks a search function, and the general layout is quite poor when compared to other stores that give games a smaller footprint in the app itself. Epic is offering these discounts out of its own pocket.

The Epic Games Store has caused controversy among gamers since it emerged to challenge Steam's hegemony. We also know that you can play the game offline and that you can, in fact, hijack the vehicles of your enemies.