Google Halts Plan to Sever Ties With Huawei

Thursday, 23 May, 2019

"By placing Huawei on a United States technology trade blacklist, Trump has effectively banned Huawei from building smartphones and tablets for sale outside China, and from selling laptops anywhere", Avi Greengart, a tech analyst at Techsponential, told DW.

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei told Chinese media on Tuesday: "It's not a hard task to come up with a new OS, but it's hard to build up an ecosystem for that".

We asked Microsoft for a comment on the current situation but as a notable departure from other Huawei partners, out contact said "we have nothing to share" in response.

The U.S. government on Monday amended last week's order restricting all technology sales to Huawei, the world's biggest maker of mobile network gear and the No. 2 smartphone brand. For instance, even though it makes its own Kirin chipsets, it is still heavily reliant on processors from Intel and radio-frequency parts from USA companies like Skyworks Solutions.

US President Donald Trump may just have done a huge favor to South Korean electronics behemoth Samsung with his clampdown on China's Huawei, who he accuses of aiding Beijing in its spying efforts. It also banned Huawei's new devices from using such services as YouTube and Maps.

"Don't point your fingers at USA firms. Ban them", some tweeters wrote online to criticize the USA move. The Commerce Dept. can also choose to extend the 90-day temporary license if neccessary.

Google's team working on the Android operating system told Huawei users on its Twitter @Android account it would comply with USA requirements while ensuring "services like Google Play & security from Google Play Protect will keep functioning on your existing Huawei device".

"[The U.S.] is showing China and the world that the U.S. government controls Google".

"We have sacrificed individuals and families only for the goal to stand at the top of the world", Ren said, adding that with such a goal, conflict with the USA was "inevitable".

The company told employees to halt all business deals with Huawei, the BBC reported, citing a company memo that said its designs contained "U.S. origin technology". These contacts have already come from behind, I myself have met with one of the heads of Huawei and my colleague responsible for the Shenzhen office (China) has been in contact. The move is ostensibly created to allow Google to continue providing updates to Huawei devices, helping protect users from security risks, and to keep phone networks online.

"The US government's actions at the moment underestimate our capabilities", Mr Ren said in an interview with China Central Television, or CCTV.

On Tuesday, the US Commerce Department gave Huawei a temporary license to continue to buy US goods for 90 days in order to maintain its telecom networks and provide software updates to its smartphones. The company has said it imports about 30% of its components from USA firms, with those components worth about $11 billion annually.