‘Nightmare scenario’: Forecasters warn of violent tornadoes and thunderstorms

Thursday, 23 May, 2019

Whilst the worst of the storms appears to have subsided, a threat remains.

There were 36 tornadoes on that day, but no fatalities. But radar indicated that a tornado was sending debris into the air, CNN meteorologist Chad Myers said.

The weekend storms brought tornadoes and unprecedented flooding across the central USA in the region known as "Tornado alley".

Forecasters warned that more than 2 million people lie in the path of a series of storms that could produce an outbreak of violent, large-scale tornadoes across parts of Texas and Oklahoma, along with baseball-size hail, flash flooding and hurricane-force winds.

The Storm Prediction Center advised residents in areas with tornado warnings to "move to a place of safety, ideally in a basement or interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building". And serious weather remains a threat in the areas outside the immediate zone of highest risk.

Damaging tornados also struck near Mangum, Oklahoma, Leach, Oklahoma, and Paducah, Texas, on Monday.

While the risk of strong tornadoes is not expected to be as high as Monday, there will be a continued risk of tornadoes on a localised level.

Amber Anderson lives right behind the school. Sandbagging won't help because the levee is too long, he said. Just talking about it almost brings her to tears.

Simmons also estimated that half a dozen homes were damaged in the county. "Motorists get out into the swift water, thinking they can get across and it ends up being deeper than they think".

Ahead of Monday's storms, Tinker AFB evacuated all aircraft off the base and flew them out of the state.

The weather service says debris from the farmstead landed on nearby Interstate 80.

Many flights were canceled or delayed because of the storms.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said an SUV skidded across the center of USA 160 and struck a tractor-trailer, killing both people in the SUV, Brandon Beasley, 23, and his 24-year-old wife, Christin, of Willard, Missouri.

In Ville Platte, Louisiana, a possible tornado damaged more than 50 homes and businesses, CNN affiliate WBRZ reported.

"We woke up to the sound of glass breaking, and went in and saw the window in the kitchen was broken", resident Dorine Bearden told KPLC.

"Wherever you are, mother nature is always there, and you just prep and you live and you do", Burress said. "And when I looked out there, that park was gone".

According to weather.com, "numerous supercell thunderstorms will erupt over northwestern Texas and western and central Oklahoma through Monday evening".

Flooding strikes Enid, Oklahoma as an intense storm system that weather forecasters labeled "particularly dangerous" swept through the Southern Plains.