Angry voters abandon Conservatives, Labour in United Kingdom vote

Tuesday, 28 May, 2019

"The only clear and unambiguous fact is that the Brexit Party won the largest share of the vote".

Founded by former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, the Brexit Party's success may be attributed to a new political reorientation in United Kingdom politics: right versus left has become Leave versus Remain.

"What this party does is supports an agreement with the European Union to prevent crashing out, supports putting that proposal when agreed to a public vote".

The Brexit Party won 29 seats in the European Parliament - the joint-highest number across the whole of Europe.

In a separate BBC interview, Ms Sturgeon said she would bring forward legislation later this week at Holyrood paving the way for a second independence vote.

Cable said the Lib Dems' resurgence had come mainly at the expense of Jeremy Corbyn and Labour and said it had been clear from at least 10 days prior to the election that Labour voters were switching in droves. "I've supported the Conservatives in the last few elections, but frankly it's been dispiriting to watch them paralyzed while the country flounders", said Andrew Harris, an accountant from Yorkshire who voted to leave in 2016.

"We just have a few more battles to fight", Farage said Monday, adding he will work with any upcoming prime minister who will "achieve Brexit" and who is "genuine about us leaving the European Union". The Tories need to respond by at minimum delivering Brexit but in the current climate that is easier said than done.

The U.K.'s governing Conservative Party was all but wiped out in the election to send lawmakers to Brussels, blamed by angry voters for leading Britain into a political impasse and failing to lead it out of the EU.

He said: "With the Conservatives disintegrating and unable to govern, and Parliament deadlocked, this issue will have to go back to the people, whether through a general election or a public vote".

The partial results showed them on 9.1% and trailing in fifth place behind the Greens in fourth on 12.1% and double the 2014 European Union election outcome.

In a sign of how embarrassing the results were for Labour, the Lib Dems topped the poll in Islington, in north London - where both Mr Corbyn and Ms Thornberry are MPs.

"There is a clear lesson for Labour in tonight's results: get off the fence", Liberal Democrats leader Vince Cable said in a statement.

He urged members to take part in a survey on his website to set out how they wanted to influence Labour's policy. Haresh Menghani, FXStreet's Analyst notes, "the initial leg of recovery was supported by mostly upbeat UK retail sales data for April and got an additional boost after the UK PM Theresa May finally announced that she will be stepping down as Conservative Party leader on June 7th".

Change UK suffered humiliation at the European elections in Yorkshire and Humber after they finished behind the regional Yorkshire Party, which supports the county getting its own parliament and devolved powers. See story POLL Main. The results contain a simple message which we ignore at our peril: if we attempt a general election before we have delivered Brexit we will be annihilated. The first past the post system in a general election means it's much harder for smaller parties to break through.

Matteo Salvini, Italian deputy prime minister and leader of the right-wing League party: "Not only is the League the first party in Italy, but also Marine Le Pen is the first party in France, Nigel Farage is the first party in the UK".