Sonic the Hedgehog pushed to February 2020

Tuesday, 28 May, 2019

Earlier this month the movie's director, Jeff Fowler, vowed he would fix the character's design to appease fans.

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie has officially been pushed back to February 2020, on account of it looking like a giant steaming pile of crap.

What's even more unusual to a lifelong Sonic fan like me is that Sonic the Hedgehog seems a lot more concerned with Carrey's Dr. Robotnik than it does with its title character.

"Taking a little more time to make Sonic just right", he posted in his tweet which you can view below. "It's going to happen".

On Friday, director Jeff Fowler announced that the move to make Sonic "just right" will take a little more time than expected. Following the release of the first trailer for the movie, there was quite a bit of joking around and complaining about the movie's visual effects, with the unsettling look of Sonic being particularly derided. However, a number of artists were concerned about the workload that the VFX team would face to redesign this character and make the November 2019 release.

How do you feel about the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie?

Sonic the Hedgehog isn't running so fast these days.

The trailer which released on May 1, opens with Sonic whizzing by police sheriff Tom Wachowski, played by James Marsden. Also, the main irksome feature that ticked the people off were Sonic's teeth.

Interest in the film is high, to say the least, partly over the obvious fact that this is one of the most beloved, well-known video game characters to which an abundance of nostalgia is attached.

The pressure is still on though - the filmmakers can't afford to get it wrong a second time, so hopefully Sonic fans will be satisfied come February 14th 2020. The process isn't as simple as dragging and dropping a new Sonic into the old one's place, as the team behind the film also has to ensure things don't look out of whack when that occurs.