Pokemon Sleep Is A New App That Helps You Sleep Better

Thursday, 30 May, 2019

You can expect to learn more about Pokemon Sleep later in the summer.

The other big news was connected to a brand new mobile game being developed by DeNa for the Pokemon Company.

As part of today's The Pokemon Company conference, the developer announced a new game for mobile.

Pokemon has unveiled a new game that rewards players for the amount of time they sleep. "Pokemon Sleep is coming in 2020". You got a few more "Mask Off" covers in your before you gotta put down the Pokeflute.

The newly-announced cloud service will allow trainers to transfer Pokemon to the cloud storage service from Pokemon Bank, Pokemon GO, Pokemon Let's Go, and Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Pokemon Masters began with a suggestion from Gamer Freak's Ken Sugimori who wanted to see all the Pokemon Trainers from the video games in one game. This means that its E3 presentation could focus on new games, or another major upcoming release such as Animal Crossing. It's still not totally clear how the app works, but we do know that The Pokemon Company is teaming up with Niantic and Nintendo for this app. This device is known as Pokemon GO Plus Plus. Called Pokemon Plus +, it will track simple information about how you sleep. Everyone's favorite sleeping Pokemon will be available in the Pokemon Go wild, and they can be found right now in-game.

Pokemon says the app will use data points like how long the user slept and when they awoke, to change gameplay.

Also announced Wednesday was a sleep-tracking device from Nintendo called the Pokemon Go Plus +, which comes equipped with an accelerometer to track time slept and send the data to a user's phone through Bluetooth.

Trainers will have the chance to encounter Snorlax snoozing in the wild.