There have been 500 reports of tornadoes in the past 30 days

Friday, 31 May, 2019

The National Weather Service on Wednesday released reports on two tornadoes that touched down in the Kansas City area after surveying the damage.

Duffin, 48, learned from his wife and a television report that the large tornado was headed toward his home about 30 miles (48 kilometers) west of Kansas City.

She told CBS Kansas City affiliate KCTV there are no immediate reports of injuries. "It was pretty wild, never been through anything like it in my life".

Homes were leveled in Linwood, Kansas, and the Kansas City airport temporarily halted flights and evacuated passengers, the Kansas City Star reported.

At least one tornado and severe storms ravaged areas there and in nearby Douglas County, Kansas, destroying stretches of homes and businesses.

In the city of Celina, about 70 miles north of Dayton, 81-year-old Melvin Dale Hannah was killed when winds blew a parked vehicle into his house, according to Mayor Jeffrey Hazel.

"Tornadoes are one of the most destructive things we have".

A tornado with winds up to 140 mph (225 kph) struck Monday near Trotwood, Ohio, a community of about 24,500 people 8 miles (12 kilometers) outside Dayton.

Morgantown was one of the hardest-hit areas in the county, but no one was injured there, Caernarvon Township Police Chief John Scalia told CNN affiliate KYW.

"Neither one of these large systems -the high over the Southeast or the trough over the Rockies- are showing signs of moving", Marsh said. Studies have shown that nighttime tornadoes can be more risky due to the lack of awareness from these storms.

"Everybody I talked to said they heeded the warning and went straight to the basement", Wolters said Tuesday evening.

Aerial pictures have shown felled trees and debris lining the streets next to severely damaged homes.

"I just got down on all fours and covered my head with my hands", said Dutmers, who said the winds blew out windows around his house, filled rooms with storm debris, and took down most of his trees. "We were underneath the one part of the house that didn't get taken". "Right now they're trying to salvage what's left", she says.

According to the Associated Press, road crews had to use snowplows to clear an interstate littered with debris, and bits of churning wreckage could be seen on radar.

More tornadoes ripped across the central United States overnight and on Wednesday nearly 40 million people remain at risk of severe weather across a vast area from Texas to NY.

"We've had injuries ranging from lacerations to bumps and bruises from folks being thrown around in their houses due to the storms", Ms.

Extreme weather has been pounding the Southern Plains and Midwest regions over the last week, causing nine deaths so far.

Ohio Republican Gov. Mike DeWine's office Wednesday provided an audio recording of Trump's call Tuesday as DeWine was touring hard-hit Trotwood with the city's mayor and other officials.

"In terms of day after day with very intense severe storms over the same areas, I think that will, a least in the short term, break that pattern", Bunting said.

The Mississippi River is already approaching all-time records in several places, with more rain on the way.

Flood watches and warnings are in effect for parts of Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska, according to the weather service.