Apple might be killing iTunes this year

Saturday, 01 Jun, 2019

Apple will host a livestream of the event on its Apple Events page.

Apple will also add new hearing health features, and more comprehensive menstrual cycle tracking, the report adds.

Now, with macOS 10.15, Apple kept its promise and will port even more apps from iOS, including the Music and TV apps. This is like the feature that already existed on Android and other third-party apps on iOS.

One of the constantly rumored additions to iOS 13 has been Dark Mode, and today the screenshots below have leaked purportedly showing it in action. It will be accessible from the Control Center for quick switching between the standard and dark mode. Apple's critics will roll their eyes at that claim, but the page lists the third-party apps that compete against Apple's own products, like the iOS Mail app compared to Gmail and the various music-streaming services (hey, Spotify) that compete with Apple Music.

The app had its fair share of issues, from a clunky, user-unfriendly interface to near-nonstop, unavoidable updates, that made using it as much of a headache to use as it was indispensable for many Mac users. Although the concept looks quite convincing, we can only wait for WWDC, that's starting 3rd June next month, to get the updates on all the new announcements that are to come our way. Now a new report seems to confirm the same. And it's planned for a 2020 release with support for 5G and some new AR functionality.

Apple is expected to officially take the wraps off macOS 10.15 on Monday, at which point we'll undoubtedly see what all of these new apps look like and be hearing more about what features they'll be offering. This year Apple will unveil iOS 13.

macOS Mojave with the Dark Mode on. Bloomberg reports that functions of the iTunes store (movies, music, TV, and podcasts) will be available in separate apps.

We're also hoping to see updates to the Files app, which right now, is basically unusable as a file manager. These include Voice Memos, Apple Books and Calculator. There's also a search field and a space for lists of reminders, if you're grouping or sorting them. And finally, of course, new watchfaces should be making their way in to the Watch.

Either way, we'll get full details on Monday morning at Apple's WWDC 2019 keynote.