Donald Trump claims 'harassment' after Mueller statement

Saturday, 01 Jun, 2019

But in the end, after Mueller's almost 10-minute sum-up of his two-year, $40 million investigation into Russian election interference in the 2016 election, we were left with no bombshells, no smoking guns, no surprise twists - nothing new. "I got me elected", said Trump. That was the first time he seemed to acknowledge that Russian Federation tried to help his campaign. "Everyone dies and I am not, you know, I don't believe in the Homeric idea that idea that you know, immortality comes by, you know, having odes sung about you over the centuries".

"I'm amused by these people who make a living by disclosing classified information, including the names of intelligence operatives, wringing their hands about whether I'm going to be responsible in protecting intelligence sources and methods", said Barr. "Russia didn't help me at all". Even as he entered the White House and US intelligence agencies concluded that Russian Federation interfered in the election, Trump often clashed with the intelligence community and expressed skepticism about its findings.

Many saw Mueller's statement as a repudiation of Attorney General William Barr, who had declared that the report fully exonerated the president before its detail were released to the public. Critics have accused Barr of spinning the report's findings to favour Trump. "Mueller wanted $15,000 back, and Trump said no". Democrats are mulling the possibility of impeachment proceedings. He also emphasized that Russian Federation had interfered in the US election. In a While House gaggle, Trump seized on the fact that Mueller had not charged him (although the Special Counsel indicated that was only because of the rules) to claim exoneration, while rolling back his previous admission of Russia's role.

Barr said he has a "good, professional working relationship" with Trump. We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime.

Mueller explained, as he did in the report, that his investigation decided not to determine if Trump committed a crime because "under longstanding department policy, a present president can not be charged with a federal crime while he is in office".

He said Mueller had come to the Oval Office in 2017 with an interest of returning to his previous job as Federal Bureau of Investigation director.

President Donald Trump talks with reporters about Mueller.

But that didn't stop most of the 23 Democrats running for president or the Trump Hate Media from slobbering all over Mueller's deviously worded and legally shifty statement.

Mueller during his statement the previous day to reporters announced the closure of his office after concluding in late March the extensive investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election and whether Trump had obstructed justice.

Among those whom Trump says Mueller should have investigated were members of the special counsel's own team, including Peter Strzok, a former FBI agent who helped lead the investigation and exchanged anti-Trump text messages during the 2016 election with ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page. "There was insufficient evidence and therefore, in our Country, a person is innocent", the president tweeted minutes after Mueller finished speaking. Page has since left the bureau.

"You know, it is part of the craziness of the modern day that if a president uses a word, then all of a sudden it becomes off bounds", he told CBS.

"To me it's a dirty word, the word impeach, it's a dirty, filthy, disgusting word, and it had nothing to do with me", he said.

There is no indication Mueller expressed wanting to return to his old job and he has never publicly stated a political opinion of the president.