Tensions High As Missouri Awaits Decision On Missouri's Sole Abortion Clinic

Saturday, 01 Jun, 2019

News of the closure comes after Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed a bill that would ban an abortion after eight weeks.

Planned Parenthood is suing to keep providing abortions at that clinic with an emergency court hearing Wednesday. "This is real and it is a public health crisis", said Dr. Leana Wen, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Teresa Pettis, 21, lovely, greets a passerby originate air the Deliberate Parenthood sanatorium in St. Louis, Friday, Can also 17, 2019. "And it's a disturbing preview of what anti-choice politicians are trying to implement across the country", Wen said. At Hope Clinic in Granite City, Ill., just 10 minutes from downtown St. Louis, Deputy Director Alison Dreith said Tuesday her clinic was preparing for more patients as news about Missouri spread.

Now, the fate of the clinic is in the hands of a judge, who could make a decision as soon as Friday.

The state had asked to interview all seven of the clinic's physicians, Planned Parenthood said Tuesday, but the state would not provide any guidance on what the doctors would be asked during the interviews.

To the women of Missouri, know this: Planned Parenthood will not stand for it.

"The issues that are of concern to us are still there", Mr Williams said. They say the clinic's license is due to expire at midnight on June 1, and if the disagreement over the audit is not sorted out by then, the clinic will be forced to stop providing abortions. And more than 1.1 million women of reproductive age will be living in a state where they can not access essential health care - the first time since 1974 that safe, legal abortion is inaccessible to people in an entire state.

When women first meet with physicians about abortion, Missouri law mandates that they are given a 22-page booklet with information about fetal development, alternatives to abortion and a statement that "abortion will terminate the life of a separate, unique, living human being".

Without offering corroboration or details, the state said the "deficiencies" at the clinic have "gravely compromised" at least one patient's safety and also cited failed abortions (the woman remained pregnant) and a failure to obtain informed consent.

Planned Parenthood is asking the judge to declare that the state's licensing investigation is "arbitrary and capricious" or that the state can not interfere with a person's right to an abortion.

Unlike Alabama's near-total abortion ban, lawmakers who helped draft the Missouri bill say it's meant to withstand court challenges instead of spark them.

A Missouri judge issued an order ensuring the state's only abortion clinic can temporarily continue operations.

Pelvic exams also were a sticking point in the clinic's latest attempt to renew its license. Responding to the potential closure, Planned Parenthood said it was a filing a restraining order that would potentially halt the close, the Associated Press reported.

They're also allowed to carry out medical procedures created to remove non-viable fetal tissue when a woman is having a miscarriage - also known as a "spontaneous abortions" by medical professionals - but they can't do the same procedure if a woman is seeking an abortion, according to the lawsuit.

"Its an enormous relief to women, more than a million women of child bearing age in Missouri".

With hours to head earlier than the expiration of a direct license that enables a Planned Parenthood neatly being facility in Missouri to construct abortions, clinics in neighboring states negate they're making ready for an influx of extra patients.

Alabama, which in May banned abortion entirely, "has the highest cervical cancer mortality rate and the fourth worst infant mortality rate in the USA", she says.