Oppo and Xiaomi showcase prototypes with under the display front camera

Tuesday, 04 Jun, 2019

Oppo posted a video of its under-display selfie camera to Twitter today, and colour us suitably amazed.

For those seeking the flawless, notchless smartphone screen experience - prepare to be amazed. For now, we just have to wait and watch as companies race to end the notch era and also offer a viable substitute for punch-hole and pop-up cameras. A video of the phone was shared on Weibo by the company's Vice President, Brian Shen, and was subsequently shared on Twitter by the official Twitter handle of Oppo mobiles. To prove that the camera is placed under the display, the demonstrator hovers a finger over the area where the camera is placed. "You are taking a very first look at our under-display selfie camera".

This is especially evident in the video's thumbnail itself, as you can see above. The camera app was launched, and despite the lack of a visible front-facing camera, the screen still seemingly showed a live view of the room's ceiling.

Pinhole cut-outs started to appear and more recently pop-up front-facing cameras that slide out of the top of the handset.

According to The Phone Talks, Xiaomi filed a patent for photosensitive screen function in November past year that uses two separate screen display portions to alternately facilitate the passage of light to the camera. We've also heard reports of various other companies developing these cameras, among them Samsung, but so far, Oppo's and Xiaomi's presentations remain the first officially available demonstrations.

Not much is known about the functionality of these under-display cameras but a recent Xiaomi patent gives an idea how it might work. To this, he added, "However, the realization of new technology is developed to perfection".

Shen notes that this new under-screen camera technology is still in early days.