Essex student mows stiff anti-Trump message into Stansted flightpath

Wednesday, 05 Jun, 2019

Earlier on day two of Mr Trump's state visit, the president and Mrs May hosted round table talks with business leaders at St James' Palace attended by the Duke of York, senior ministers, officials and senior representatives of five USA and five British firms.

Wshington/London. U.S. President Donald Trump arrives in Britain on Monday for a state visit laden with diplomatic peril, after humiliating outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May over Brexit and demanding she be tougher in dealing with China's Huawei, Reuters reported.

To strengthen their negotiating stand, Trump suggested Britain "sue" the European Union and if necessary refuse to pay a $50 billion divorce bill if the bloc doesn't give in to what the United Kingdom wants.

"I made a decision to mow the message because Trump especially, but many leaders from across the entire world, refuse to believe in climate change and refuse to do anything about climate change", Nancarrow told the Thomson Reuters Foundation by phone.

May, who will co-host the talks at St James's Palace in London, will call for governments on both sides of the Atlantic to embrace the opportunity of Brexit to seal a bilateral free-trade deal, and work together to keep global markets "free, fair and open".

The candidates already in the Conservative leadership race are split between those willing to accept a "no-deal" and those opposed.

In newspaper interviews at the weekend, Donald Trump suggested that Boris Johnson would be an excellent candidate to replace her.

"I actually have studied it very hard", Trump told the Sun newspaper, earlier calling Johnson a "friend".

As they were leaving the room, the Duchess winked cheekily at the men who had just shaken hands with the President.

Still, here's hoping Trump gets an eyeful of Nancarrow's yard wiener on his way out of town on a long, cross-Atlantic flight.

A meeting with either Johnson, favorite to succeed May, or Farage, a populist anti-establishment campaigner, would be seen as a snub for May who is bowing out after failing to negotiate a Brexit deal that parliament could ratify.

Wading in on the Brexit debate, the USA president welcomed the idea of the country being "strong and independent" after leaving the EU. Huawei denies it is, or could be, a vehicle for Chinese intelligence.

Trump's visit also invited protests over what London Mayor Sadiq Khan described as his "divisive behaviour", while opposition politicians are boycotting the banquet.

Elsewhere in his campaign video, Johnson expressed support for increased education and police funding and said he would "unite" a country fractured by Brexit.

The Labour leader, who refused an invitation to Monday evening's state banquet, is due to be joined by other political parties including members of the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party.

Protesters waved witty and sometimes rude placards at a what organizers called a "Carnival of Resistance" in Trafalgar Square while Prime Minister Theresa May was in talks with the president a short distance away in Downing Street.

On Wednesday, the Queen, Prince Charles and Mr Trump will attending a national commemorative event in Portsmouth marking the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings, along with more than 300 veterans.