Day 75th anniversary: Normandy memories and a changing symbol of America's role

Thursday, 06 Jun, 2019

He told reporters afterwards: "I feel good".

When another aircraft was found it was a race against time to get into French airspace in time in order to get clearance from the authorities to land.

"As I host leaders from around the world today to mark this significant moment in our shared history, we will together reflect on the continued importance of the western alliance for all our countries' security and prosperity", she said.

On June 6 1944, Adml Roberts was a 20-year-old junior officer aboard a Royal Navy destroyer that bombarded the German defences.

"I will enjoy the jump", he told the Press Association.

A third veteran, John Hutton, was only 19 years old when he served in the 13th Lancashire Parachute Battalion on D-Day.

"The contribution of the Allies to victory over the Third Reich is understood", Zakharova said while cautioning that "it should not be exaggerated nor should we downplay the titanic achievements of the Soviet Union, without which this victory would simply not exist". D-Day veterans who took part in the invasion have been at the heart of numerous events this week. "We caught the Germans by surprise".

The San Diego native parachuted from the same type of C-47 military transport plane used in WWII into the very same landing zone he jumped into on that fateful day 75 years ago, according to ABC affiliate WJXX.

Radford has overtaken Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber's song I Don't Care, which has slipped into second, with Billie Eilish's Bad Guy at number three. He landed safely despite some problems exiting the plane and a bullet going through his parachute.

The invasion, codenamed Operation Overlord and commanded by US General Dwight D. Eisenhower, remains the largest amphibious assault in history and involved nearly 7,000 ships and landing craft along a 80km stretch of the French coast.

The Nazis were pushed back in both directions at once, and Russian and Allied forces reached Berlin at similar times.

For most people, a summer trip to France is a chance to relax in lovely surroundings and to savor the country's fine food.

The D-Day invasion began in the early hours of June 6, 1944, when more than 150,000 allied troops launched an air and sea attack on the French coastal region of Normandy.

The plan was abandoned at the last minute and they were sent over on landing craft instead.

"I really can't get over it", the 89 year old, who served in Korea and Vietnam, said after his win.

The US veterans also describe the role they play coming to Europe for commemorations.

For much of the morning the American assault could get no further than the water's edge and US First Army Commander Lieutenant General Omar Bradley considered pulling off the beach and landing troops in another spot.

He said: "Having been up there I can pay testament to the skill of the pilot and the bravery of those who jumped out". "I suppose it'll take several days before it really sinks in".