Trump baby blimp stabbed by supporter at London protests

Thursday, 06 Jun, 2019

Still licking their wounds from Brexit's second big win, the British left is lashing out at the biggest symbol they can find for their troubles: the visiting president of the United States.

"But I don't see that as being, that something that I would not consider part of trade".

"We're going to get it done". Here's a breakdown of some of Trump's comments and how they line up with the facts.

One Trump supporter was surrounded by an angry group of protesters shouting "Nazi" in Parliament Square, with video footage posted on social media showing a milkshake being thrown at him before a scuffle broke out. "Perhaps you won't be given the credit you deserve", Trump told May.

He added: "You know what?"

The president's visit is technically centred around Wednesday's D-Day 75th anniversary commemorations on the south shore of England.

Trump managed to ruffle feathers even before his arrival by dishing out advice in a pair of interviews about how to handle Brexit and who was best placed to lead the country after May steps down as Conservative party chief on Friday.

Trump preceded his visit by urging Britain to walk away from the European Union without an agreement. He also butted into the Brexit debacle which he encouraged.

Placards showing anti-Trump messages lie on the ground, in central London, near the end of a protest against the state visit of President Donald Trump, June 4, 2019.

Talks are likely to cover Britain's possible use of Chinese firm Huawei's technology in building its 5G network. During the clip, Dalla Mura tells police that she hurt herself after falling over on her bike.

The US administration has strongly hinted that this may limit its ability to share intelligence with Britain.

When pressed by Morgan about the contents of their discussion, Mr Trump said: "I heard that we are not supposed to do that [reveal what we discussed]". Bonham travelled from Derby, some 130 miles northwest of London, to protest not only against Trump's climate change denials, but also because he's "separated children from their families, he's putting up a walls, he's divisive".

The two leaders sat smiling before reporters were ushered out of the room.

Donald Trump is now visiting the United Kingdom, and not everyone's happy to see him. A few men wearing red caps with "Make America Great Again" walked among the crowd.

In comments that appeared to greatly touch the Queen, President Trump had said: "In April 1945, newspapers featured a picture of the Queen Mother visiting the women's branch of the Army, watching a young woman fix a military truck engine".

"It's about the policies, that's what really matters".

Later, Trump and Melania hosted Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, for dinner at Winfield House, the USA ambassador's stately residence in Regent's Park.