It's National Donut Day, And Here Are The Best Deals

Saturday, 08 Jun, 2019

National Donut Day falls on June 7, which means that plenty stores and brands that sell the yummy treat are offering up wonderful deals today! For National Donut Day, it's offering patrons a complimentary donut with purchase of any item at its West Berkeley showroom. Here's where and how you can cash in on the donut celebration.

Walmart will offer a free glazed donut to customers at all stores Friday while supplies last.

Buy any drink at Dunkin' on National Donut Day to get a free classic donut of your choice―options include Boston Kreme, Glazed, Glazed Chocolate, Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles, and more.

Krispy Kreme is offering one free donut of any kind per customer, with the hopes of giving away 1 million donuts.

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The Salvation Army established the first National Donut Day in 1938. Each Super Saver store will also have a Friday only special on a dozen donuts.

Shipley Do-Nuts: With any purchase, enjoy a free glazed do-nut at participating locations. Plus, you could win free doughnuts and coffee for a year by donating to their clothes and food drive.

Walmart is giving away 1.2 million donuts on National Donut Day.

But all of these tongue-in-cheek messages about cops loving doughnuts brings up one glaring question: Why do they get associated with eating the fried breakfast treats?

When browned, remove doughnuts and allow excess fat to drip off. Dust with powdered sugar. He then climbed down from the counter, danced his way to the doughnut rack and grabbed a pastry - recording himself taking a huge bite - while an employee watched in disbelief.

Tim Hortons will be launching the Churro Donut on National Donut Day at participating and will be launched nationally on June 12 at participating restaurants. Get going and get your free doughnut!