'Straight Pride' Parade Idea Not Going Over Well

Sunday, 09 Jun, 2019

The site had previously declared: "Congratulations to Mr Pitt for being the face of this important civil rights movement".

But, according to TMZ, Pitt wants no part of this, and if they don't stop using his name, legal action may be taken.

She then added that the planned Straight Pride Parade might never come to fruition as Boston city officials have not issued a permit for the event and therefore will not allow it to be held on August 31. In what is an opposing response to the LGBTQ Pride Month, a parade was announced to "celebrate the diverse history, culture and contributions of the straight community".

It claims to advocate on "behalf of the straight community" and describes straight people as "an oppressed majority".

"If you're wondering, the difference between the Gay Pride Parade and Straight Pride Parade, the Gay Pride Parade will have women at it", he said.

Brad Pitt is slamming the organizers of the "straight pride" parade.

Link to Parade: http://superhappyfunamerica.comIt looks like the Boston Straight Pride Parade will happen.

Boston mayor, Martin J. Walsh, said in a statement that group planning to host Straight Pride had not yet received the necessary permits to host a parade.

Police arrested a right-wing activist, Moshiko Ben Zikri, on Wednesday night during an anti-Pride parade rally.

'Wow! Cool initiative, fellas!,' Evans began, before offering an alternative suggestion for the parade. In his tweets, Evans roasted how a deep fear of finding any men attractive can lead to the most homophobic of behaviors, and that it's deeply apparent these men are woefully disconnected from their own feelings.

Well, the Boston-born actor shared his two cents about the potential parade on Tuesday, and he thinks they doth protest too much... if you know what we're saying. They took offense that Evans used the old trope that people who are homophobic are closeted homosexuals.

But Axe had more to say, responding: "Gay rights are human rights but go off Jill".