Third US tourist died at same hotel in Dominican Republic

Sunday, 09 Jun, 2019

The family of an American woman who died at a hotel in the Dominican Republic while celebrating her wedding anniversary with her husband wants a medical review of her death conducted in the United States.

Lawrence-Daley says she suffered a broken nose and facial fractures after a man dressed as a hotel employee attacked her, dragged her into a maintenance room and assaulted her for several hours.

"Majestic Elegance claims no responsibility for the attack since I couldn't identify the attacker", according to her post.

Efforts to reach Lawrence-Daley for a response were unsuccessful on Wednesday. The development of a professional tourist police corps, institution of a 911 system in many parts of the country, and a concentration of resources in resort areas means these tend to be better policed than urban areas like Santo Domingo.

In his statement, McDonald asked, "Why didn't the deaths of the Maryland couple trigger an investigation, following so closely on Mrs. Schaup-Werner's death?"

"I was just waiting for them to come back today, he said was gonna come see the baby today", stated Dajuan Holmes-Hamilton, Nathaniel Holmes' daughter. And that bottles of high blood pressure medicine were found in Holmes and Day's hotel room.

Holmes and Day arrived at the hotel on May 25 and were scheduled to depart on Thursday, police said.

More than 6 million tourists visit the Dominican Republic each year.

"After their investigation, authorities understand that the scenario is still unclear, and that there are weak points and unanswered questions to answer in this odd and unusual case", the statement said.

State Department now rates the Dominican Republic, which shares a border with Haiti, as a level 2 ("exercise increased caution") out of 4 on its Travel Advisory alert system.

The hotel said it is cooperating with local authorities' investigation into the couple's deaths, the statement said.

On Tuesday, Fox News reported that a Pennsylvania psychotherapist, Miranda Schaup-Werner, died in her room on Might well 25, five days earlier than a couple from Maryland, Edward Holmes and Cynthia Day, were chanced on tiresome in their room. Initial autopsy results for Day and Holmes showed they died of pulmonary edema and respiratory failure, police said.

Bahia Principe Hotels and Resorts have not issued a comment on Schaup-Werner's death.

"Mrs. Schaup Werner, who was a guest of Luxury Bahia Principe Bouganville, was found unresponsive in her room on May 25", the statement said.

These latest deaths have been confirmed by Day's sister, Sonya Jackson, and the U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic.

"We offer our sincerest condolences to the families for their loss", it said.

WUSA reports that Miranda Schaupp-Werner's brother-in-law told Fox News that she took a drink from the mini-bar, sat down to take a selfie, screamed and collapsed.

Police are investigating the deaths of the couple, as they were initially considered suspicious since Holmes complained of chest pains the day he died but refused to see the doctor that was called, police said.