To Try Google Stadia at Launch, You'll Need to Fork Over $129

Sunday, 09 Jun, 2019

It's worth noting that games purchased under the Pro subscription will remain yours even if you opt to ditch the paid service.

Google Stadia was a bit of a surprise when it was originally revealed back in March of this year.

First, in November 2019, Google will launch the Stadia Founder's Edition.

For now, users will need to pick up the Stadia Pro Sub, which costs $9.99 a month. It consists of a Stadia Controller in an exclusive Night Blue colorway and a Chromecast Ultra.

To seed the market Google is urging early adopters to by a Founder's Edition bundle that includes a controller, a Chromecast Ultra dongle and three months subscription to the "Pro" premium tier for £119. Pre-orders are now available on the company's website.

Meanwhile, nothing else has been said about the server hardware itself. Future Stadia users may demand the same out of Google, which could cause profitability problems if they end up paying to secure the licensing. But if you really want to max out Stadia's promise of 4K 60 fps 5.1 Surround Sound, you'll want a 35 Mbps connection.

That's not all, either, as there are more games due to be announced later this summer, including titles from Capcom, Rockstar and EA.

"Buying" being an operative word there. Instead, you'll have to cough-up for each and every game that you'd like to stream via Google Stadia.

A free model, called Stadia Base, will launch next year. Stadia, though, will let followers of You Tube Creators (another term for streamers or influencers) instantly buy a game the Creator is talking about.

It should have been clearer about at least some of the games that will make up the Pro subscription. Microsoft is also testing its own cloud gaming service called Project xCloud, which is now undergoing public trials to help reduce latency so there's little to no lag time between the controller and on-screen action. Peak 4K streaming will require 35Mbps, or about 16 GB/hour of data.

We have made major infrastructure investments to ensure that we have data centres close to many users. This is because games will be streamed in 4K UHD HDR, and that's a lot of zeroes and ones. Meanwhile 1080p streaming will take things down a notch, with Google indicating that it will be around 20Mbps. In 2020, Google will launch Stadia Base, which has no monthly fee. So while it can be accessed from an Android smartphone, for example, in practice it looks like Stadia is going to be a moderately tethered service for now, favoring Ethernet and local Wi-Fi connections.

KitGuru Says: Having these kind of device limitations at launch will hamper Stadia's growth.

Overall, Stadia seems to be a high quality, low cost alternative to its traditional competitors, but it is important to note that the service has yet to be released.

The founder's package includes $300 worth of hardware, games and benefits, according to Harrison.

The answer to this question is now closer than ever. Game sales will also be full price. Owners will also be able to experience local multiplayer play for games that have previously required two consoles or two PCs.