Xbox Details Specs for Next Gen 'Scarlett' Console

Monday, 10 Jun, 2019

According to multiple sources, Scarlet is the codename for potentially two versions of Micorsoft's next-gen consoles - Lockhart for a more affordable, baseline model and Anaconda for a Xbox One X-like high-end model for those wishing for more power. The app also lets you download and install games, though that's now done via the Microsoft Store in Windows 10. We don't expect a full reveal until 2020, but now that Sony has let the cat out of the bag when it comes to the next PlayStation console, it would be surprising if Microsoft didn't follow suit on stage today.

Based around the powerful (and custom) Navi 2 chipset from hardware giant AMD, Project Scarlett also packs high-bandwidth DDR6 RAM and a new breed of SSD to make your games run one hell of a lot faster. Project Scalett will also boast a variable refresh rate, and Microsoft promises ultra-low input latency and 8K capability. Halo's new Halo Infinite title will be a launch title for the new console. The Chief prepares to fight and leaves the ship, before later seemingly encountering Cortana once more. With an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, we're already seeing "Install" buttons on the Store listing for games that will be in the catalog, as well as for unannounced games such as Metro Exodus. Just like Project Scarlett, Halo Infinite is still a year-and-a-half out, so there's plenty of time for Microsoft to fill us in. Not all details are available yet but we'll keep you up to date when we hear more.