YouTube updates hate speech policy; bans supremacist and hoax videos

Monday, 10 Jun, 2019

YouTube would like to be commended for this fearless stance, but it's tough to take the site's word on any of this. Six minutes later, the third email arrived announcing that he'd no longer be able to make money from his account, he told ABC News. ".As an open platform, it's crucial for us to allow everyone-from creators to journalists to late-night TV hosts-to express their opinions w/in the scope of our policies".

For those who are unaware, YouTube relies on a combination of people and technology to flag inappropriate content like pornography, incitement to violence, harassment, or hate speech, and enforce guidelines. The effort to recommend more accurate information will expand, too, YouTube said today.

"Just spoke with YouTube". The Steven Crowder channel is still on YouTube and has 3.8 million subscribers, though.

YouTube has struggled a lot lately, to please everyone. "Those fees are obviously somewhat inconsistent depending on the exclusivity and the interest level in the content". It's unclear how wide-sweeping this change is, but thousands of YouTube channels are expected to be removed from the site.

Crowder did not immediately respond to the Associated Press news agency's request for comment but posted a video on Twitter saying his channel is not going anywhere. It really seems like YouTube is not sure what to do when it comes to hate speech.

Every time Maza publishes a video for Vox, Crowder will submit his appreciate "debunking" video, peppered with insulting language attacking Maza's sexual orientation and ethnicity.

Yet on Wednesday, YouTube said it would not allow the account spreading the homophobic videos against Maza to earn advertising revenue anymore - meaning that though they will stay up, Crowder cannot profit directly from them. "A critical question remains: how will the company enforce this new policy-especially against popular and profitable YouTubers who espouse anti-Muslim bigotry?" said Madihha Ahussain, Muslim Advocates' special counsel for anti-Muslim bigotry.

One Twitter user calling himself Mr. Allsop History noted in a tweet thread Wednesday that YouTube dinged him for hate speech. To violate the site's hate speech guidelines, a video's main objective must be to "incite hatred toward or promote supremacism over a protected group", or aim to incite violence, he said.

YouTube specifically outlawed videos that deny the murder of six million Jews during World War II and targets content that denies well-documented violent events, such as the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in CT in 2012, in which 20 children and six teachers were killed.

Martin Sellner, the leader of the far-right group Generation Identity, has also been demonetised and controversial figures such as Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes have had certain video deleted.

YouTube did not disclose the names of any groups or channels that may be banned.

Andrew Surabian, a Republican strategist and former White House aide, said the move suggests YouTube has caved in to pressure from activists. I tweeted about this, and my situation soon became widely known.