House votes on enforcing subpoenas for Trump administration officials

Wednesday, 12 Jun, 2019

Nadler said in his statement he would give the justice department time to comply.

The hearing had a farcical character, as the Democrats have been unable to secure agreement by any Trump official to testify on the Mueller report due to the administration's wholesale refusal to comply with requests or subpoenas from the Democratic-led House for testimony or documents from current or former administration officials.

For weeks Barr has resisted a subpoena from Nadler's committee for a full, unredacted version of Mueller's 448-page final report and underlying evidence. The Justice and Commerce Departments rejected a subpoena from the House Oversight and Reform Committee for documents and testimony relating to the census, and Trump ordered his former communications director Hope Hicks and McGahn's former top aide Annie Donaldson to refuse to testify or supply documents to the Judiciary Committee.

Last month, in his only public appearance as special counsel, Mueller maintained that there was "not sufficient evidence to charge a conspiracy" with regard to whether members of the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russian government during the 2016 presidential election.

On Wednesday, the House Intelligence Committee will hold a rare open hearing on the counterintelligence information detailed in the Mueller report.

"The president is out of legal jeopardy because the Mueller investigation is over with, but he's not out of political jeopardy because his opponents in the House of Representatives will take documents acquired in the legal investigation and use them, as the President says, for a "do-over" on the political side", he continued.

Despite the accord, Mr. Nadler said Democrats will still push ahead with vote on a resolution authorizing him to get federal court to enforce subpoenas for Attorney General William P. Barr and Mr. McGahn. "We will have testimony about that", said Nadler.

"You can't impeach somebody when there's never been a thing done wrong", he said at the White House.

The Democratic congressman for New York, Jerrold Nadler, who is the chair of the committee, said the justice department would provide some of Mueller's "most important files" and all members of the committee would be able to view them.

"He's not a credible person", Conway said of Dean.

"We're investigating all of the things we would investigate, frankly, in an impeachment inquiry".

Dean was at the House Judiciary Committee hearing to discuss his role in President Richard Nixon's White House and as a key witness in the Watergate investigation that brought down Nixon.

Dean told the panel there were parallels between Mueller's investigative report, released in redacted form in mid-April, and a 1974 document, known as the Watergate Road Map, in which a special prosecutor laid out the case against Nixon.

Democrats have appeared to ramp up actions against Trump related to Mueller's investigation in an apparent attempt to draw attention to the special counsel's findings. "John Dean's been a loser for many years", Trump told reporters later Monday.

Republicans have criticized the hearings as a waste of time and have called for Democrats to move on.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been pushing back on calls for impeachment, but today it became even clearer that it's the best method to expose President Trump's unprecedented corruption.