Huawei approaches developers to publish on its app store

Thursday, 13 Jun, 2019

They gave no source for the screenshots, which mostly consist of images from the Weather app and menus. However, the company has clearified exactly what kind of support will be provided to developers. The company trademarked the name "ARK OS", though some say that the official OS will be called "OAK OS". According to one FT source, the central point of the argument is that Huawei would be forced to fork Android into a "hybrid" version that would be "more at risk of being hacked, not least by China".

The Commerce Department last month effectively barred US companies from selling their technology to Huawei and other Chinese firms without government approval. It will be interesting to see if the company continues with Android if the USA lifts the ban on it.

China Daily quoted Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei's consumer business group, as saying in an earlier report that the company's own operating system will be available "as early as this fall or next spring at the latest". Huawei are not standing still though and are moving forward with plans to launch their own OS and their own app store.

Huawei Chairman Guo Ping reportedly discussed the possible deal with the Russian minister of digital development and communications, Konstantin Noskov, ahead of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The uncertainty of the current situation is damaging for Huawei's business and the fact that they don't have clarity further muddies the water for customers. Google has already announced that it suspended Huawei's Android license.

Meanwhile, Huawei stated that the company was all set for the USA action and vowed to work around any disruptions. Cut off from the USA market, Huawei is likely scanning the globe for alternatives to US firms that have been providing it with both hardware and software.

It has been a insane month not only for Huawei and Google but also for some of the biggest OEMs and tech firms in the United States.

Huawei will not be banned from operating a 5G mobile telecom network in Brazil, Vice-President Hamilton Mourao has said.

Many other nations have imposed restrictions or outright bans on the use of Huawei equipment. There has also been debate about how Huawei will deliver the apps.