Trump Shows Photographers 'Secret' Mexico Deal

Friday, 14 Jun, 2019

President Trump just secured a very good deal with Mexico over immigration and walking back the threat of tariffs.

With less than three weeks to go before talks between Chinese and US leaders, expectations for progress toward ending the trade war are low. The Trump trade war, it's going to destroy the whole world everything's going to hell in a handbasket.

Donald Trump with Prince Charles on the President's State Visit. None of the mainstream media articles actually cover the specifics.

After three days of negotiations, the United States and Mexico reached an agreement that would see an expanded implementation of the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), commonly known as the "Remain in Mexico" policy and increased security at the southern border.

What were the headlines over this deal?

The latest details of the plane sale follow a significant deal struck between Mexico City and Washington, D, C., regarding the illegal immigration crisis. He is convinced that they are the most valuable negotiating tool he has, singularly capable of focusing the attention of adversaries and bending them to his will. Trump believes that trade wars, fought primarily with tariffs, are "easy to win" since the US economy is so much bigger than any other and the pain it can inflict is invariably greater than that it will suffer. What did he announce? Others are building factories in the U.S. In September, California-based solar maker SunPower Corp. won an exemption, arguing that its panels - made mostly in factories overseas - are a premium product.

But he said this while waving around a sheet of paper that had the specifics of the deal written on it - which was then photographed by news media. CNN, that's who. But that's the story.

According to Reuters, the president referred to the deal as "secret".

President Donald Trump says his administration is considering granting Temporary Protected Status to thousands of Venezuelans who have fled to the United States amid ongoing unrest.

Over the weekend there was no sign that Mexico had started to harden the border, with migrants and locals crossing a river on rafts in sight of a busy official port of entry. The vast majority of these illegal aliens coming into America are not Mexicans. And he essentially refused to accept that tariffs function as a tax on American consumers, because of the control that China's government exercises over its economy.

However, in their joint meeting in Tehran on the same day, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution told Japanese PM that he doesn't consider US President Trump worth sending a message, stressing that Iran won't negotiate with the US. "We now have the capacity to do this full-throttle and engage this in a way that will make a fundamental difference in the calculus for those deciding to transit Mexico to try to get into the United States", he said".

Mexico's defense minister traveled Tuesday to the southern border. As of 10 May 2019 at 12:01 am, USA increased tariff rates from 10% to 25% on US$200 billion worth of Chinese goods that included 5,745 items.

"Rural Americans support for him has been pretty consistent throughout his presidency", said Jeff Jones, senior editor of the Gallup Poll. He went on to complain about the size of America's trade deficit, saying, "We lose a fortune with virtually every country".

Japan should be anxious given Trump's long-standing complaint that it has taken advantage of its relationship with the practice unfair trade. "He doesn't really mean it".

Unlike his predecessors, however, Trump has imposed sweeping punitive measures against China in the form of tariffs on Chinese goods, steps that some Democrats openly applauded as long overdue.

Mexico agrees to beef up its immigration protection.

"Without the tariffs, we would have had nothing....we had nothing two week ago", he stated. And all of those critics were proven totally wrong and President Trump's strategy totally worked.