Raptors parade 2019: Toronto goes off celebrating first National Basketball Association title

Tuesday, 18 Jun, 2019

Supporters had spent several hours at the square waiting for the team to arrive in a victory parade that began this morning.

The rally - and the shooting that interrupted it - capped off a day that saw fans dressed in red and black - the Raptors' colours - take over swaths of the city's downtown.

Many said they decided not to go to school or work so they could attend the massive celebration.

"Let's not be foolish, " said Green, whose tightly wound mohawk was unfurled for Monday's festivities with the top of the hairline about seven feet off the ground.

Center Marc Gasol said Sunday that Leonard's elite two-way game makes him "one of a kind".

John Moreira said he chose to skip work to be a part of the moment.

"I think for us, there is nothing more that we can do", VanVleet said, as quoted on Sports Illustrated. "I'm looking forward to seeing the whole team".

The Lakers can not officially complete the Davis deal until July 6, which means they would only have $23.7 million available in cap space to sign a free agent, if Davis doesn't waive his $4 million trade bonus.

RJ Salvador said he was "hyped" to be part of the massive celebration.

One 25-year-old woman said she had been watching the speeches at the rally when friends pushed her to the side. Then I see everyone behind my mom just getting trampled, everyone's getting pushed.

Crowds packed the route and the square outside City Hall where the march is to end in the afternoon. A auto carrying coach Nick Nurse was mobbed.

Kyle Lowry, the longest-serving member of team, expressed excitement on Twitter about the gathering hordes. "Thank you Toronto, thank you Canada for the support, we did it", he said.

Mayor John Tory previously urged every resident to come celebrate the Raptors' first championship and declared Monday "We The North Day" in Toronto, after the franchise's slogan.

Monday caps off a historic championship run in which the Raptors became the first-ever team outside of the United States to win an National Basketball Association championship, meaning that it will be "the first time that the Larry O'Brien trophy will come north of the border to Canada". City officials have prevented any further entry into the square and have shut down several subway stations near the parade due to overcrowding. If not, how will you be celebrating today?