Gunfire breaks out in Toronto Injuring 4 Individuals

Thursday, 20 Jun, 2019

The advertisement appeared in the sports section of the newspaper on the same day that the Raptors celebrated their first title in franchise history with a parade in the streets of Toronto.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford was expected to watch the festivities from Nathan Phillips Square.

More than a million strong packed into Toronto's downtown core for a massive party almost a quarter-century in the making.

"He's really happy, he's really happy", said Ibaka, who spent the last few days with Leonard in the Bay Area, Las Vegas and then Los Angeles.

"I'm so happy to be here", said 28-year-old RJ Salvador. I'm excited to see what it's going to be like tomorrow.

Many others chose to miss school or work.

Mike Mudidi said he was enjoying the celebration when he heard screams behind him that someone had pulled out a gun. "I actually have exams this week, but being here is worth it", he said.

However, Toronto Raptors' play-by-play announcer, Matt Devlin, played a role calming the crowd and might have helped avert a massive stampede, according to CBC News.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was scheduled to be among those celebrating, with a brief visit to Toronto planned for later in the day. "I can't just give you a whole spiel".

Should Leonard come back to the Raptors, they will surely become a contender again next season, although the fan base in Toronto seems to be quite satisfied with this current championship.

The Raptors players were clearly touched by the huge turnout.

Toronto can sign Leonard to a five-year, US$190-million deal, about $50 million more than he could make on a four-year deal with another squad. This photo of Leonard and the fans' reflecting off the lenses on his sunglasses. The two-time Finals MVP will be a free agent this summer.

Kyle Lowry, the team's longer-serving member, added: "This is unbelievable".

"This is unbelievable", said Lowry, who later carried the trophy on stage for the rally.

The Golden State Warriors are showing their championship pedigree even in defeat.