Yet another American tourist dies while staying at Dominican Republic resort

Thursday, 20 Jun, 2019

Cox's birthday was June 9th, and according to Dominican Republic officials, she passed away on June 10th.

Leyla Cox, Fifty three, an MRI technician from Staten Island, used to be staying at the Excellence resort in Punta Cana when she died Tuesday, excellent a day after her birthday, in conserving with her son.

Flowers said it's unclear what caused the illnesses - Punta Cana doctors suggested a parasite might be to blame. Once her family picks up her ashes, they plan to carry out her final wish, which was to have the ashes spread over the Florida Keys.

"I truly believe if my mother was not in the Dominican Republic, she would have been alive right now". "It retains me up at night time intellectual that my mother's remains belongs to a foreign country".

Cox said that a representative for the U.S. Embassy told him that a toxicology test would not be conducted on his mother's body due to broken machines, an excuse that seems to add to the family's frustration.

"I didn't realize this could've been done on goal, I just thought it was an accident someone mixed it up, but now I think it was done on objective", she said.

"When you vacation as a family you want to come home as a family", said McCoy, David Harrison's wife.

Leyla Cox's death used to be reported as one more family acknowledged that their loved one died in the Dominican Republic in January.

Blind to the opposite deaths, kinfolk of the couple stir public, and allege journalists that they acquire the unexpected passing of every and each Holmes and Day suspicious and that they don't think resort personnel or authorities are being truthful.

At least eight Americans have died in the popular tourist locale in the past year.

'All our properties in the Dominican Republic hold some of the most prestigious certifications in the industry including Travelife certifications at the Gold level, as well as a Global Reputation Index (GRI) of 90 percent'. His cause of death has yet to be identified and his family members are still awaiting answers.

Holmes and Day were chanced on useless of their room on the Grand Bahia Principe La Romana. In one case, a Maryland couple was found dead together, their lungs reportedly filled with fluid.

It is unclear who found Cox or if she died in one of the hotels where six other United States tourists have unexpectedly passed away in the past 12 months. She died a immediate time later.

Federal Bureau of Investigation officials say they're now investigating each of the deaths.

A number of citizens of the Dominican Republic and Haiti reportedly died after drinking a local bootleg alcohol called clren in 2017.

Not lower than two died after taking a drink from minibars, families stated.

However, the Bahia Principe Hotels and Resorts group said there was no correlation between the incidents.

Victims have been otherwise healthy, and some were reported to have had a drink from their hotel minibar before falling ill.