You can download Harry Potter: Wizards Unite a day early

Friday, 21 Jun, 2019

The makers of the hit mobile game Pokemon Go have released a new augmented reality adventure that allows players to be part of the wizarding world. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite takes this a step further and brings it to life in your world so that you can actually see all the magical characters and fantastic creatures all around you. Impressive stuff all round!

A tweet Tuesday night provided a cinematic preview of what to expect from the new game, which, like "Pokemon Go", layers an animated universe onto the real world.

From what has been revealed by Niantic so far, players will get the chance to join three classes: becoming a Magizoologist, a Professor, or an Auror.

Clear out your weekend, because Wizards Unite is coming.

The premise is that magical artefacts have been scattered around the Muggle world by the mysterious "Calamity".

The aim is use spells and potions to return the magical items, known as "foundables", to stop the wizarding world from being exposed. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is rated 10+ for fantasy violence.

Jam City and Portkey Games past year launched Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, a new title that takes players into the acclaimed institution to live and learn as a pupil.

There are a lot of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in app purchases, with one that is $169.99. However, your choice now has no effect on gameplay, and you can switch freely between them at any time.

Stay tuned for the latest tips and tricks, updates, and news about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite right here at Android Authority! Here are the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite microtransactions from $1.69 to $169.99.

Like Pokémon Go, Foundables can pop up anywhere, ranging from your workplace to the library to the local zoo!

You should be able to change this pretty regularly since you will unlock new filters as you progress.