ICE agents to begin raids in 10 major cities Sunday

Monday, 24 Jun, 2019

Officials in NY state are vowing to fight back against President Donald Trump's call for ICE raids to begin across the country this weekend.

Kevin McAleenan, acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, is said to prefer that ICE conduct more a more limited operation because of concerns with the optics and logistics of the raids, according to The Washington Post.

Immigrant roundups were slated to begin Sunday morning, targeting thousands of illegal immigrant families across almost a dozen major us cities, whose leaders voiced apprehension over the plan.

Cities to be targeted in the raid include New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Houston - all Democratic controlled and many of which forbid local law enforcement from helping ICE.

"He's coming down to pay attention to the Hispanic community that has a vote and hopefully that population will convey to him that we need a better immigration system for everyone in this country", he said.

ICE was reserving hotel rooms in for families in the event the operation went off as planned Sunday.

Raids targeting undocumented immigrants with final deportation orders could be carried out as soon as this weekend.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced Friday that she has directed the police department to terminate ICE's access to CPD's database related to federal immigration enforcement activities.

Trump pulled back on the raids Saturday a matter of hours after he spoke in support of the coordinated arrests and deportations that were slated to hit 10 major cities.

Earlier Saturday, President Trump hinted the operation was still on, saying the people ICE was looking for "have already been ordered to be deported".

The president's advance warning as he prepares his bid for the 2020 election blew ICE's cover and tipped off targets, sources say, inflaming the law enforcement community.

He said those who would be deported "came into our country illegally and we're taking them out legally".

So, what the President did - he recognized that, and so he postponed, one, to protect them, but also to give Congress another chance on a bipartisan method to actually get together, pass this supplement, so that we can enforce the rule of law.

"Probably won't happen, but worth a try", Trump said.

As Trump's deadline approaches, Maureen Porras, Managing Attorney at the non-profit organization Church World Service in Miami, which provides legal counsel on immigration issues, said her office is preparing to assist those arrested in the raids.

A spokesperson for Mayor Bowser did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

More than 1 million people living in the US have final deportation orders.

On Saturday he said the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency was focused on getting the transnational street gang MS-13 out of the United States.