Nancy Pelosi: What's the Point of 'Interior Enforcement' of Immigration Laws?

Tuesday, 25 Jun, 2019

Pelosi, the top Democrat in Congress, had urged religious leaders earlier on Saturday to pressure Trump to cancel the raids which were expected to target families in up to 10 U.S. cities on Sunday.

According to the report, Pelosi called Trump and spoke with him for about 12 minutes, several hours before the postponement was announced. This plan revives the horror of the President's family separation policy, inflicting its inhumanity on countless hard-working families across America. She known as the deliberate raids "heartless" and a "brutal circulate which is prepared to fade families apart and inject terror into our communities".

She said the president's planned action made no distinction "between a status violation and committing a serious crime".

"My duty is not to look at the political optics, or the will the American people, that's for the politicians to decide", Morgan said Friday.

Following Trump's announcement of the delay, Ms Pelosi said: "Mr President, delay is welcome".

"We'll achieve the comprehensive immigration reform that our nation critically needs when we elect a President more interested in solutions than scare tactics", Liccardo tweeted Saturday.

She said a central piece of that fight is the Rapid Response Hotline, which is created to inform immigrants about threats and to let them know about their rights. ICE insists that their main focus is on removing those illegal immigrants "who pose a threat to national security, public safety and border security". "As I've said before, if there is a move to deport immigrants then I say start with me - a son of immigrants". He criticized congressional Democrats for failing to hold a vote to eliminate "loopholes" and taking steps to "fix" the American asylum policies.

Trump told reporters as he departed the White House for Camp David Saturday that the raids would begin "during the course of this next week, maybe even a little bit earlier than that".

"But, all the Democrats are doing is stalling and doing nothing on this issue right now while hundreds of thousands of people every month are coming illegally into our country".

'The people that Ice will apprehend have already been ordered to be deported, ' Trump tweeted. These are other folks that are supposed to budge abet to their home country.

"They will be removed as fast as they come in", he wrote. The other cities are Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York and San Francisco.

Earlier this week, he tweeted that an operation was upcoming and said the agency would begin to remove "millions" of people that were here illegally. Similar operations have been done regularly since 2003, often resulting in hundreds of arrests.

It's also slightly unusual to target families - as opposed to immigrants with criminal histories - but not unprecedented. Many families are released into the United States for the duration of the process because of limits on how long children can be detained.

Ahead of the planned raids, Lightfoot directed the Chicago police to cut off Immigrations and Customs Enforcement's (ICE's) access to its databases because Chicago is a sanctuary city. Trump faulted their plans on Sunday. But we have applied due process. ICE officials sent letters to about 2,000 such people in February.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a statement that L.A. law enforcement officers "will never participate" in such raids.