Iran unbowed by US 'insults', says supreme leader Khamenei

Thursday, 27 Jun, 2019

Fox News reported, "Fox News has confirmed that the USA military also carried out a cyberattack against Iran last Thursday even as the president nixed plans for airstrikes in response to the downing of an American drone". The president discussed his thinking in the interview. "Their presence in Syria is a particular concern to Israel because of the common border and because (of) Israel being within range of Iranian missile capabilities that they've been trying to bring into Syria". "The U.S. has not forgotten Iran's use of IED's & EFP's (bombs), which killed 2000 Americans, and wounded many more". A more precise translation from Farsi, however, would be: "The Americans have become confused and they do odd things. Tehran's strategic patience does not mean we have fear", he said.

"I've been very nice to them", he said.

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Recent attacks on tankers and the downing of a USA drone played out in comments before and after a closed U.N. Security Council meeting called by the United States that provided saw sharply different views of the current situation. The US insisted the drone was flying over worldwide waters.

The US been trying to force Iran into reopening negotiations on the country's nuclear and missile programs since Trump pulled out of the landmark 2015 Iran nuclear deal previous year.

The standoff creates a challenge for Washington which, after quitting the nuclear deal against the advice of European allies, is now seeking their support to force Iran to comply with it. Trump said that while "Iran's leadership doesn't understand the words "nice" or 'compassion, '" they do understand the words "Strength and Power".

"Today's action follows a series of aggressive behaviors by the Iranian regime in recent weeks, including shooting down of US drones", US President Donald Trump told reporters in a video carried by Reuters, on Monday afternoon, adding that they have done "many other things", referencing the oil tanker attacks off the coast of Oman.

Trump told reporters the sanctions were in part a response to last week's downing of a United States drone by Iran, but would have happened regardless. "We're in a very strong position if something should happen".

The Iranian ambassador to the UN, Majid Takht-Ravanchi, said: "No one in clear mind can have a dialogue with somebody who is threatening you with sanctions as long as that is still there is no way we can have a dialogue". "I can tell you that", Trump said. Meanwhile, the US envoy at the United Nations, Jonathan Cohen, said the Trump administration's aim is to get Tehran back to negotiations.

However, US national security adviser John Bolton said Mr Trump is open to real negotiations and "all that Iran needs to do is walk through that open door".

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin revealed in a following press conference on Monday that the new order will freeze billions of additional dollars in Iranian assets. Though many experts believe a war with Iran would be a large-scale conflict, Trump vowed it could be limited in scope and quick. Rouhani suggested that the Trump administration was "suffering from a mental disability" and was acting in a way "no sane person" would after the White House added new sanctions targeting the Persian Gulf nation's leaders. "I'm not talking we're going to send a million soldiers", Trump said.