China calls on upcoming G20 summit to support multilateralism

Friday, 28 Jun, 2019

Overshadowing the G20 meeting, U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet on Saturday amid hopes for a breakthrough in the trade war between the world's two biggest economies, which has already dented global growth.

The two sides could agree not to impose new tariffs as a goodwill gesture to get negotiations going, the official said on Tuesday, but it was unclear if that would happen.

While prospects for detente in the trade war between the world's two largest economies are a major preoccupation ahead of the two days of G-20 meetings that begin Friday, many participating are calling for a broader perspective in tackling global crises.

Abe is scheduled to meet with Trump on Friday before the G-20 starts, about a month after the US leader on a state visit to Tokyo suggested some announcements will be made over trade in August, in a short-term relief to the prime minister ahead of an upper house election.

A senior US official said Monday the meeting will provide Trump the chance to get China's position on the escalating trade war.

American officials have accused their Chinese counterparts of backsliding on commitments made in the talks, but Lighthizer said last week he was hopeful the discussions could resume productively. The US has placed Chinese technology companies including Huawei on a trade blacklist while China has threatened to release its own list of blacklisted US firms.

Japan's top government spokesman said on Thursday that Japan and the United States have not discussed revising the U.S. -Japan security treaty after U.S. President Donald Trump renewed his criticism of the defense pact in a television interview.

During his visit last month, Trump confirmed that Japan had been given the go-ahead to buy 105 US-made F-35 Lightning jets, which would give it the largest F-35 fleet of any USA ally.

Eleven rounds of talks have failed to ease USA concerns over China's massive trade surplus with the US and alleged intellectual property theft. They are powerful nations and we are a very powerful nation (.) I want to get along with Russian Federation and I think we will.

Privately, Chinese trade experts acknowledge disagreement in policy circles about confronting Washington on trade, with many wary of further USA tariffs.

PM Modi will meet a host of foreign leaders and dignitaries on the sidelines of the G20 Summit.

Many in Beijing hope the prospect of the 2020 USA election campaign could deter Trump from trade measures that risk upsetting farmers and businesses among his voter base.

Climate change is likely to be among many contentious issues on the table at the meeting in Japan's Osaka on June 28-29, with Washington expected to oppose strong references to the Paris climate accord, from which it plans to withdraw. He said that most of the corporate organizations of the U.S make huge profits from China and due to that they are trying to convince president Trump.