Frustrated Kamala Harris: Americans Want Food, Not Food Fights

Saturday, 29 Jun, 2019

In heated exchanges on the second night of the primary's first head-to-head debates, lesser-known candidates trained their fire at former Vice President Joe Biden and prominent USA senators engaged in shouting matches.

The pair were discussing Harris' headline-grabbing confrontation with former Vice President Joe Biden over his comments about segregationist senators, and Harris noted to Matthews a past experience when a next-door neighbor said she could play with Harris anymore because she's black.

On stage, Ms Harris challenged Mr Biden to disavow his prior opposition to bussing in America.

"I do not believe he's a racist", she reiterated. The California congressman, 38, used one of Joe Biden's slogans from his failed 1988 presidential campaign to criticize his current position in the Democratic party during the June 27 debate: "it's time to pass the torch to a new generation of Americans".

"And it was not only that but you also worked with them racist senators to oppose bussing".

This is not to praise Kamala Harris as a candidate; her deeply disturbing record as a prosecutor includes defending wrongful convictions, opposing criminal legal system reforms, and supporting the death penalty. "I'm exhausted of hearing about what he didn't do", Biden said.

"All of the candidates - including former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen". "What I opposed is busing ordered by the Department of Education", he said, apparently referring to busing ordered by federal courts contrasted with busing carried out at the state and local level. In terms of total time on the mic, Biden won the evening, topping all candidates with 13:19 of speaking time while Sanders came in third (10:58), behind Harris (12:19). "Kamala Harris and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg - raised their hands when asked by an NBC moderator if they would support a health care plan that would cover undocumented immigrants", reports the New York Post. As a number of the other candidates were trying to talk over each other, Harris called them out by saying "America doesn't want to witness a food fight; they want to know how we're going to put food on their table".

Buttigieg faced tough questions about a racially charged recent police shooting in his city in which a white officer shot and killed a black man, Eric Logan. By being present in the flesh last night, Sanders was able to say for himself what the others have been parroting since the race began. Former President Barack Obama was the first.

Todd Graham - the five times national debate winning coach at Southern Illinois University - gives his take on the candidates skills. "Man who didn't get a crack at Biden during this debate? That is not true", he said. In response to a question about what single issue he would prioritize upon winning the presidency, he oddly answered, "make sure that we defeat Donald Trump".

Swalwell said that time had come again to solve the problems dominating the party's debates today: climate change, student loan debt and technological advancement. Bernie Sanders, who said the issue "is not generational". He added: "Donald Trump has put us in a disgusting situation".

In a wide-ranging debate, some of the contenders voiced disagreements on how to change USA health care policies.