Netflix favourite 'The Office' departing for NBCUniversal streaming in 2021

Saturday, 29 Jun, 2019

From Arya and Jon in the "Game of Thrones" Season 8 premiere to Jamie and Claire in "Outlander" Season 3.

Once "The Office" is done on Netflix, it is slated to stream exclusively on NBCUniversal's planned streaming service starting in January 2021.

Click through the gallery above for a look at some of The Office's most iconic meltdowns, freakouts and more.

Yesterday brought the upsetting news that Netflix would be losing the streaming rights to NBC's hit sitcom The Office at the beginning of 2021. That has complicated things for Netflix, which built its business model on content licensed from other companies.

There will still be a cross-pollination of network shows on streaming services, thanks to the lucrative nature of licensing deals. AT&T's WarnerMedia, who will retain the rights to Friends, plans to launch their service in the coming years as well. Yet, Netflix topped that offer to pay $100 million to the content owner, Universal Television (a division of NBCUniversal).

Another day, another TV show that's about to leave Netflix foreverrrrr.

All that's really certain is that, until New Year's Day 2021, Netflix subscribers can binge The Office as many times as they want, as long as they keep paying $12.99 per month. Netflix has 139 million paid subscribers worldwide. MSNBC also reports that for those without cable, a subscription to the service should run somewhere around $10 a month. "We may get there over time, but over the next one or two years people are going to be more finicky".

"It is just a function how much investment everyone is willing to make", he said. The company has spent a lot of money bulking up its own original programming. CEO Reed Hastings said he welcomes the new services and doesn't believe they will have a material effect on the company's earnings. "The Office" might be the biggest and most recent casualty, but it will not be the last.