France hits record high temperature in scorching heatwave

Sunday, 30 Jun, 2019

With France, Spain, Italy and parts of central Europe hard hit by the record-breaking temperatures, officials pleaded with people to take precautions.

France's weather service has issued an exceptional purple alert for four areas.

While 76 other regions, except Brittany, in northwest France, remain on orange alert till next week.

But a cold front will reach the country on Sunday, lowering temperatures again.

However, some relief is in sight with the effects of a storm in northern Europe expected to start cooling the UK, Netherlands, Brussels and northern France, before having some effect on temperatures further south.

In the city of Valladolid in central Spain, an old man of 93 years of age collapsed and died due to the heat, the police said was quoted as saying by Reuters.

Earlier on Friday, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said 4,000 schools had been shut due to the extreme heat.

According to the Met Office, the temperature could reach a maximum of 34C in London and the east of England on Saturday.

Swaths of the continent are experiencing indecent warmth.

Italy put 16 cities under alerts for high temperatures, and civil security services distributed water to tourists visiting famed sites around Rome under a scorching sun.

SPAIN was hit by more wildfires as temperatures remained sky-high in the Europe-wide heatwave, authorities said today, just as firefighters finally managed to contain another blaze they had been tackling for almost 72 hours.

The sizzling weather toppled June temperature records in Andorra, Luxembourg, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Germany on Thursday.

On Thursday a 33-year-extinct roof artisan died after being taken ailing as he labored on a constructing dwelling in the western metropolis of Rennes, where the temperature used to be 35C in the shade. A 6-year-old child is in life-threatening condition after being hit by water shooting from a cracked-open fire hydrant in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis, broadcaster France-Info reported.

Ms Buzyn urged the general public to lead sure of "volatile behaviour" worship leaving youngsters in vehicles or jogging outdoor within the center of the day.

In the United Kingdom, a 12-year-old girl drowned in River Irwell in Greater Manchester.

French President Emmanuel Macron presents himself as a champion of fighting climate change, but environmental organizations say that France does not do enough to limit the impact of global warming.

While it's hard to attribute any particular weather event to climate change, there's growing evidence that climate change is changing the way the jet stream flows, and that can make these events worse. Records began at the turn of the 20th century.

Climate scientists have warned that heat waves such as this one are becoming more frequent and increasingly severe because of the climate crisis.