Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard have discussed playing together

Monday, 01 Jul, 2019

Kevin Durant will enter free agency in 2019.

How does free agency work? Until then, Kawhi might have to carry the load for their new team - if they decide to pair up. They now have the cap space to sign a free agent on a max contract.

"He signed knowing I was here", Johnson told ESPN.

What does this mean for Kawhi? .

Kawhi Leonard is expected to speak to the Lakers next week as a free agent, and Magic Johnson revealed that the Raptors star requested that he attend his meeting with the Lakers. Due to the Moratorium period, we likely won't know his decision until July 6 or later. Durant could do so to rehab his injury in familiar surroundings with Golden State and Leonard could choose to chase a repeat crown with the same team that thrilled Toronto and Canada during its playoff run.

Toronto president Masai Ujiri has recently stated that he is "confident" the superstar will stay. A report from Shams Charania of The Athletic provides the details.

WATCH: What options are on the table for Kawhi Leonard?

Check out the audio below as Bucher says it would actually dilute Kawhi's brand by having to share the spotlight with the billion-dollar LeBron leviathan. "He wants to win", writes Bruce Arthur.

A Leonard-Butler duo certainly would make give the Lakers-Clippers rivalry a shot in the arm.

ESPN sportswriter Brian Windhorst agrees.

"So, I'm riding through Toronto, right?" he said during his video.

Some are skeptical of Leonard signing with a Los Angeles team, too. LeBron wanted to be the first billion dollar athlete, not "I want to be the greatest National Basketball Association player ever". "I see this vehicle pass me by and I'm reading the side of this vehicle".

Los Angeles has also been connected to trying to land Kyrie Irving and D'Angelo Russell to join star LeBron James.

Analysts Jay Williams and Jalen Rose agreed.

How are fans handling all this?

Or the lure of restoring the iconic brand of the Knicks, possibly with Kevin Durant as a running mate, could pull Leonard to the Big Apple.