Surprise Trump-Kim Meeting Aims to Restart Stalled Nuclear Talks

Tuesday, 02 Jul, 2019

Former CIA analyst Sue Mi Terry noted how long it's been since the last big Trump-Kim summit without much in the way of agreement on denuclearization. Time will tell if North Korea will comply in defusing the risk of a nuclear confrontation, but any progress in that direction will be a good thing for the entire planet.

"The diplomacy among those building a new worldwide order has gained momentum" thanks to Sunday's meeting with Trump, it added.

The report comes on the heels of President Donald Trump becoming the first sitting U.S. president to enter North Korea. He and Kim then turned back to Panmunjom's southern part before sitting down for a meeting.

The move would shrink North Korea's missile program, but would at least halt the production of new nuclear weapons.

South Korean media, citing unidentified military officials, quickly speculated that it was likely be a North Korean helicopter flying across the border into South Korea.

When Trump emerged from the meeting, he announced he and Kim had agreed to form teams to restart working-level talks.

There has been little sign that North Korea and the United States are any closer to resolving differences on how to achieve denuclearisation and when and which sanctions should be lifted.

National Security Adviser John Bolton Monday said there "should be consequences" for an article in The New York Times reporting that the Trump administration is willing to agree to a "nuclear freeze" with North Korea. However, he also said there is no rush to reach a deal with Pyongyang.

In a radio talk show, the former unification minister said: "Kim Jong-un needs to produce some results within the year and so does Trump".

After months of pessimism, North Korea's state media is now extremely positive about the Trump-Kim interaction.

But Trump has his own opinion about this: "Had President Obama, or somebody like President Obama ... had it worked that way, I honestly believe you would have been at war with North Korea".

"I say that for the press, they have no appreciation for what we've done", Trump said.

"Our President shouldn't be squandering American influence on photo ops and exchanging love letters with a ruthless dictator", U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren said in a Twitter post.